March 24, 2012

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America has a long tradition of handmade arts and crafts. In the manufacturing age, however, much of this work was overshadowed by the homogenizing force of retail culture. But the passion for handmade arts didn't disappear, and persisted through the years in local craft fairs. Now in the age of the internet, these local craft cultures and artists have found a unifying online community, Etsy, that provides a platform for communication and sales to appreciative fans and customers, as well as a medium to connect with each other and share ideas across the globe.
Vanessa Bertozzi, Director of Community & Education, Etsy
Alyssa Zygmunt,
Allison Patrick,
Katherine Rasmussen,

April 1, 2011

Wearable Computing


November 28, 2010

Augmented Reality Tshirt

Fashion Technology

Make Projects > Soft Circuits

Conductive materials such as inks, threads, and textiles are opening up a whole new world of possibility for crafting electronics into fabric. Circuits can be hand- or machine-sewn, woven, embroidered, inked, or knit.
Leah Buechley, creator of the LilyPad Arduino and head of the High-Low Tech group at the MIT Media Lab, published : LilyPad in the Wild: How Hardware╩╝s Long Tail is Supporting New Engineering and Design Communities.
See more High-Low Tech Projects like textile-based sensors:
Additional Information
Fashioning Technology by Syuzi Pakhchyan in Maker Shed

Smart Materials Kit in Maker Shed.

For more do-it-yourself ideas, be sure to visit the Craftzine Soft Circuits archive.

Bare Project

April 7, 2010

ReKnit Tales > Wearable Art Brainstorm

ReKnit Tales is a collaborative project which will include work by digital artists who
are creating new versions of well known tales. The works may take the form of digital stories that can be viewed on small electronic devices which can be embedded into wearable upcycled fashions (hoodies, sweaters, vests, aprons, hats, handbags...that have been modified into artworks).

Students : think about your own approach to this project.
You may use the story you have already worked on, or another story of your choosing. You must transform ( up-cycle) a wearable object with images or attach a device for viewing images of your story. You might experiment with portable devices, augmented reality, or digital image transfer onto tactile materials. The digital stories could take various forms, from intimate slideshows embedded into clothing to large screen projections for a live fashion show event. We can ALSO test using the marker system in SnapDragonAR to make quicktime movies and images viewable on the wearable artworks.

March 28, 2010

Trash Fashion Show in Seattle


What is the Trash Fashion Show?
Sourced from a dumpster near you, local fashion designers craft panache from trash. At The RE Store's 9th Annual Trash Fashion Show, models flaunt designer detritus on the catwalk as the MC announces the surprising source and vision behind each fashion.

The selected fashions and accessories stretch the imagination regarding what is wearable - materials might include construction fencing, food packaging, inner tubes, soda pop top chainmail, or plastic grocery bags woven, crocheted, pleated or sewn. If it can be thrown away, its fair game for the trash fashionistas.

Link to photos from previous shows:

Link to 9th Annual RE Store Seattle Trash Fashion Show

February 5, 2010

Twit Dress


Imogen Heap's 'Twitdress'

...the necklace was a digital sign displaying messages that her fans were writing on to her Twitter profile. Those tweets were relayed to her jewellery through a wireless router -- equipment that provides an internet connection -- embedded inside her black dress.