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White Backdrop Video Tutorials

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Check here often, as we will always be adding new video tutorials as we come across them.

Studio Lighting for White Background

Shoot Studio Youtube

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Once we start making some video Tutorials this is where they will be posted in addition to the Shoot Studio Youtube channel which can be found here:

2011 Shoot Studio

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THE GREEN ROOM is good for video and large colored backdrop photo shoots. This is the place to test chromakey video techniques.

More details coming soon

Studio Equipment

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Tripods and light kits are available in the rooms, students must bring their own cameras and special light bulbs for still photo shoots. The Shoot Studio Blog will be a resource for students curious about what equipment and spaces we have there. It will also become an archive for tips and tutorials for various types of still and video photo shoots.

Equipment list:

-2 Smith Victor 500w Tungsten (3200K) SV1000 Lights with Shoot Through Umbrellas
-2 Profoto D1 500 Studio Strobes
-2 Reflective Umbrellas
-One 3' x 4' Softbox w/ Speedring
-Multi Use Reflector Disc w/ Stand
-12"x12" 6 Pack of Gels (Also a Pack of Paper Filters available for use)
-Gossen Digital Light Meter
 Great, easy way to check light levels in any situation. (Strobe or Hot)
-Two 23"x15" Model LP-455 DayFlo-Pro Lights
-One DayFLo 19.5"x19.5" Softbox (small)
-One Small Tripod #5
-One Larger Tripod #1
-Backdrop Stands plus extensions
-White Wall
-Black Wall
-Green Screen
-Copy Stand

Shoot Studio Managers

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Fall 2011/Spring 2012

Faculty Coordinator > Kristen Pless
THURSDAYS >  7PM to 10PM  > Jarid Waniger manager
FRIDAYS >  12noon to 3PM > Caitlin Tenhoff manager

The Shoot Studio Student managers will oversee use of equipment and rooms during their shifts.They are available to assist students in learning to use the lights and other equipment. They will be helping to develop tutorials and resources for students who want to use the shoot studio. Please follow the directions on HOW TO RESERVE for scheduling your time.

Art + Design Faculty Use

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Faculty who want to use the rooms (to demo or supervise students) will need sign up on the calendar in the Art Office 317. Because expensive equipment is now being kept in these rooms, set up for efficient use, the shoot rooms WILL NOT be available for casual and unsupervised key check out by students. You must specify on the calendar in the Art Office if there have made plans for a student to use the studio. Please plan to reserve at least one week in advance for class hours on Monday - Thursday.

Fall hours for Art + Design faculty and their students:
Monday through Thursday by faculty on the calendar in the Art Office 317 reservation only.
Faculty must supervise students when using the rooms and equipment stored there outside of the student shoot studio hours. Faculty must also sign the student's Check In/Out sheet and bring it to the mailbox of Kristen Pless once the student is finished using the studio.

Fall hours for VizLab Researchers :
Friday 8am - noon
Saturday 8am - 4pm

Access to the Shoot Studio Rooms

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The Art + Design Shoot Studio rooms are for use by current students and faculty in the department. Access to the studio is by reservation only. The rooms are kept locked and not for casual access.

STUDENTS  must follow the HOW TO RESERVE steps for scheduling the space. Students may be asked to confirm that they are currently taking a class in the Art + Design department.

FACULTY must follow the steps on Art + Design Faculty to reserve space via Google Calendar system. You must set up an account with UCalendar to access the Shoot Studio calendar. (see Jane for help). Please plan to reserve at least one week in advance for class hours on Monday - Thursday.

GRADUATE STUDENTS who are currently teaching may use the faculty system for reserving use of the rooms. Weekday evenings preferred.

VIZLAB RESEARCHERS may gain access to the Shoot Studio on Friday mornings and Saturdays with approval from the VizLab. (The VizLab paid for some of the equipment, so we are offering some access hours in return).

About the Shoot Studio

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In the fall of 2009 we opened up the Art + Design Shoot Studio for reservation by students and faculty in our department at UMD. The Shoot Studio is located in the basement of Voss Kovach Hall, room 25. Students can follow directions on > HOW TO RESERVE  to schedule their time in the shoot studio for class projects. Faculty should read the info for them on the link > Art + Design Faculty. The Shoot Studio is maintained for projects connected to Art + Design class assignments and creative work. In the 2011 School year, the Shoot Studio space has been reduced by one room. We hope to gain back more space as our department moves into renovated classrooms in the future.

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