Access to the Shoot Studio Rooms

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The Art + Design Shoot Studio rooms are for use by current students and faculty in the department. Access to the studio is by reservation only. The rooms are kept locked and not for casual access.

STUDENTS  must follow the HOW TO RESERVE steps for scheduling the space. Students may be asked to confirm that they are currently taking a class in the Art + Design department.

FACULTY must follow the steps on Art + Design Faculty to reserve space via Google Calendar system. You must set up an account with UCalendar to access the Shoot Studio calendar. (see Jane for help). Please plan to reserve at least one week in advance for class hours on Monday - Thursday.

GRADUATE STUDENTS who are currently teaching may use the faculty system for reserving use of the rooms. Weekday evenings preferred.

VIZLAB RESEARCHERS may gain access to the Shoot Studio on Friday mornings and Saturdays with approval from the VizLab. (The VizLab paid for some of the equipment, so we are offering some access hours in return).

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