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Faculty who want to use the rooms (to demo or supervise students) will need sign up on the calendar in the Art Office 317. Because expensive equipment is now being kept in these rooms, set up for efficient use, the shoot rooms WILL NOT be available for casual and unsupervised key check out by students. You must specify on the calendar in the Art Office if there have made plans for a student to use the studio. Please plan to reserve at least one week in advance for class hours on Monday - Thursday.

Fall hours for Art + Design faculty and their students:
Monday through Thursday by faculty on the calendar in the Art Office 317 reservation only.
Faculty must supervise students when using the rooms and equipment stored there outside of the student shoot studio hours. Faculty must also sign the student's Check In/Out sheet and bring it to the mailbox of Kristen Pless once the student is finished using the studio.

Fall hours for VizLab Researchers :
Friday 8am - noon
Saturday 8am - 4pm

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