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Tripods and light kits are available in the rooms, students must bring their own cameras and special light bulbs for still photo shoots. The Shoot Studio Blog will be a resource for students curious about what equipment and spaces we have there. It will also become an archive for tips and tutorials for various types of still and video photo shoots.

Equipment list:

-2 Smith Victor 500w Tungsten (3200K) SV1000 Lights with Shoot Through Umbrellas
-2 Profoto D1 500 Studio Strobes
-2 Reflective Umbrellas
-One 3' x 4' Softbox w/ Speedring
-Multi Use Reflector Disc w/ Stand
-12"x12" 6 Pack of Gels (Also a Pack of Paper Filters available for use)
-Gossen Digital Light Meter
 Great, easy way to check light levels in any situation. (Strobe or Hot)
-Two 23"x15" Model LP-455 DayFlo-Pro Lights
-One DayFLo 19.5"x19.5" Softbox (small)
-One Small Tripod #5
-One Larger Tripod #1
-Backdrop Stands plus extensions
-White Wall
-Black Wall
-Green Screen
-Copy Stand

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Fall 2009 Student Tech Fees will be providing more Shoot Studio equipment soon! Another tripod, ZipDisc, photoflood kit, filter holder and filters, and white, black, and grey seamless background papers will added to the Shoot Studio resources.

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