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How to Reserve Studio: Students

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Sign-up Sheet:
There is a sign-up sheet on the board outside of the Art & Design office (HUM 317). Sign your name and designated time that you plan on using the studio in one of the time slots. 
Please be courteous about showing up promptly for your scheduled time. Please notify the scheduler (or erase/cross out your name) in ADVANCE if you need to cancel your shoot (this means prior to the actual shoot studio hours, not the time you are signed up to shoot).
There will be a 10 minute grace period before the room is offered to someone else. Open time slots will be offered on a first come / first served basis to students on that day.

note : The Shoot Studio is ONLY open for SFA students, though they may include outsiders as models or actors.

FALL 2011 hours for Art + Design students:  
Thursday evenings 7pm - 10 pm
Friday afternoons 12pm - 3pm

Students may request a 1 - 3 hour block of time.

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