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Shoot Print Work for Your Portfolio

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Here is an interesting site with tips and ideas on how to shoot your printed work for your portfolio.
composition shots

Textures in Photoshop

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Here is an interesting Photoshop Tutorial through the Adobe TV website featuring Julieanne Kost. In this tutorial she demonstrates how to work with textures overlaying her photography.
The tutorial might be elementary to some, but fascinating to others. Watch and enjoy!


Also, here is a link to her website:


Sheets

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Starting this semester (Spring 2012), students are required to fill out a Sign-in/out sheet before OR immediately after using the shoot studio.
This is so that we can keep tabs on how many people actually use the studio and what equipment gets used most often. It is also to ensure the security of the shoot studio equipment, in case something gets damaged, lost or stolen.
Thank you for your cooperation!

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