Fall 2014 / Final Project Reflections


Please post your final project reflection to the blog here

Your Name:

Project Title: Run Time:

Credits /your collaborators and their roles:

Link to your project on Vimeo:

Describe your own creative process, activities and tasks: (such as:
 research, location scouting, test shooting, etc)
What equipment did you use? What shot choices did you make? 
What challenges came up and how did you meet them?
Did you create any special effects or animation? 
How did you work with sound, music, voice-over?
Reflect upon your final edit of the short film project.
What aesthetic and technical choices did you make to create a work?
 What choices of shot types, rhythm, pacing, cuts and transitions did 
you make as an editor?
 How do you think these choices support the emotions or ideas you hope
to communicate to your audience?
How did you create solutions when technical problems came up? 
What works best about your edit of the final project?
 What might you do differently if you had more time and experience?

Ildiko Rippel Guest Lecture / Wed Nov 19 at 5pm


University of Worcester theatre/ performance professor Ildiko Rippel visits UMD next week 11/17-11/20. Please Don't Miss: Ildiko's public presentation on Wed November 19 at 5pm in Bohannon Hall 90.
Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 3.42.59 PM.png
Blueprint by Zoo Indigo

Ildiko Rippel
Senior Lecturer in Drama & Performance
Institute of Humanities & Creative Arts

Ildiko's research focuses on new technologies in contemporary performance and the virtual presence of "non-performers" in theatre.Ildiko is co-founder and artistic director of Zoo Indigo, Nottingham (www.zooindigo.co.uk), which has been creating and touring innovative contemporary theatre in collaboration with new media artists since 2002. Through the use of humour and the reprocessing of cultural images, Zoo Indigo's work explores the accidental, anecdotal and autobiographical, with a focus on interactive new technology. Her research explores the digital "non-performer'', through involving live video connections to the performers' sleeping children in Zoo Indigo's performance Under the Covers (2009-2013).

Digital Filmmaking students should plan to attend this lecture and post your reflection (~150 words) to the blog here.

Film Noir / Blog Assignment


Students in Art2040 were asked to view a Film Noir movie in preparation for the Opera Fatale project this semester.

Please post to the blog here...
1- your name
2- title of Film Noir you viewed / director, year / link to film info
3- short response to the film / what you found most compelling about the film
4- what you noticed about the camera shots, angles and lighting / how you tried to integrate and apply the approach to your Opera Fatale scene

Reuben Irving / Oct 14 lecture / Oct 15 class

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Don't miss visiting filmmaker lecture 6pm on Tues Oct 14! Blog about his lecture here.
Reuben will also be visiting our class on Wed Oct 15 which will meet at our regular time, but in the Library Multimedia Hub.

How to Draw for Storyboarding

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this is a great overview!

Fall 2014 Advanced Project Blogs

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SOPHRONIA at Duluth Depot on TH Sept 11

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Traveling Sophronia / Multimedia Installation
7-9pm on Thursday Sept 11, 2014
Duluth Art Institute / Depot Great Hall
506 West Michigan Street in the Duluth Depot

Sophronia will follow the 5-7pm exhibit opening of
Signs & Wonders by Jim Klueg and Fatih Benzer
Don't miss both events!

The Sophronia Project is a digital media installation and interactive performance by artist Joellyn Rock, multimedia composer Kathy McTavish, netprov creator Rob Wittig and a gang of collaborators. Electronic music by Tobin Dack. The collaborative project offers both physical and virtual space where participants may spin their own stories of Sophronia. On the walls, the graffiti angel mixes text and digital imagery gleaned from the project database... In a glowing tent, the audience can play along with projected video and digital animations to become part of the carnival... Come see what is illuminated when these two half-cities collide!

THANKS: Sophronia was first presented at Northern Spark 2014 with the support of Northern Lights.mn and the Walker Art Center. Special thanks to the Motion and Media Across Disciplines Lab at University of Minnesota Duluth. Joellyn Rock is a fiscal year 2014 recipient of a Career Development grant from the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council (www.aracouncil.org) which is funded in part by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund, Minnesota State Legislature, and The McKnight Foundation.

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1515379808673708/
More info at http://robwit.net/sophronia/

Film Noir Examples

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Film Noir (literally 'black film or cinema') was coined by French film critics (first by Nino Frank in 1946) who noticed the trend of how 'dark', downbeat and black the looks and themes were of many American crime and detective films released in France to theatres following the war, such as The Maltese Falcon (1941), Murder, My Sweet (1944), Double Indemnity (1944), The Woman in the Window (1944), and Laura (1944). A wide range of films reflected the resultant tensions and insecurities of the time period, and counter-balanced the optimism of Hollywood's musicals and comedies. Fear, mistrust, bleakness, loss of innocence, despair and paranoia are readily evident in noir, reflecting the 'chilly' Cold War period when the threat of nuclear annihilation was ever-present. The criminal, violent, misogynistic, hard-boiled, or greedy perspectives of anti-heroes in film noir were a metaphoric symptom of society's evils, with a strong undercurrent of moral conflict, purposelessness and sense of injustice. There were rarely happy or optimistic endings in noirs.

from http://www.filmsite.org/filmnoir.html
Here is their list of Film Noir films:

The females in film noir were either of two types (or archetypes) - dutiful, reliable, trustworthy and loving women; or femmes fatales - mysterious, duplicitous, double-crossing, gorgeous, unloving, predatory, tough-sweet, unreliable, irresponsible, manipulative and desperate women.

See this site's special tribute to Greatest Femmes Fatales in Classic Film Noir

Film Noir links

Roger Ebert's guide to Film Noir



The Basics of Lighting for Film Noir
three point lighting and some of the tools for shooting Film Noir

Watch Mojo.com top 10 film noir list:
"experts fail to agree on a standard definition for the genre, we're limiting our choices to gritty, cynical thrillers and crime dramas from the early-'40s to late-'50s that are shot in black-and-white."

Recently Noticed in Digital Culture

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What new thing have you recently noticed in Digital Culture? It could be a trend in social media, a special effect in film making, a behavior with digital devices, a new technology for creativity, a digital work of art you saw in a museum... or on the internet...or on the street. It should be something that ignites your curiosity about how humans and digital media interact...

Please post the short description of what you have recently noticed in Digital Culture... as a comment to this blog entry. In class I will show you how to post to the blog. (I need to approve your posts, so it's best to do it first in class) Tell us what you have noticed and credit your source...write about 200 words including what it is, who made it, and what you think about it. Include the entire URL address at the end of your post. (http...)

Here are some new developments in digital culture and media tools I've noticed recently:

Instagram's Hyperlapse App:
Hyperlapse from Instagram is an app designed to help you capture hyper-fast, ultra-smooth timelapse videos

Nearables are sticker devices that help apps "see" their surroundings via motion and temperature sensors that communicate with nearby devices via Bluetooth...

Drone Videos

Drone Tours Over Duluth, MN
A local aerial photography and cinematography company in Duluth, Minnesota has shared a "Duluth Drone Experience" video that goes all around the city of Duluth.

Sophronia Shows : Sat Aug 23 & Th Sept 11

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Every Alfred Hitchcock Cameo

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10 famous editing moments...

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Set of Six / Visual Narrative Short Films



This spring, UMD Acting for the Camera students and Visual Narratives filmmakers collaborated to create short video projects, each integrating a glass from this set. Scenerios were brainstormed, locations scouted, characters invented, scripts developed. Six teams went into production, shooting 6 different scripts, each featuring at least 2 actors in speaking roles. Each story varied in choice of setting, character conflicts, mood and genre. Each filmmaker edited a unique cut of their project. Music students created original compositions used in sound tracks for many of these shorts. Duluth locations included the Glensheen Mansion, the Duluth Depot, and the Tweed Museum of Art.

Links to the SET of SIX shorts on Vimeo can be posted here:

The Story of Film: An Odyssey

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The Story of Film: An Odyssey
covers the history of world cinema, from the 19th century into the digital age.

Select an Episode and watch on Netflix streaming
1Birth of the Cinema2The Hollywood Dream3The Golden Age of World Cinema4The Arrival of Sound5Post-War Cinema6Sex & Melodrama7European New Wave8New Directors, New Form9American Cinema of the 70's10Movies to Change the World11The Arrival of Multiplexes and Asian Mainstream12Fight the Power: Protest in Film13New Boundaries: World Cinema in Africa, Asia & Latin America14New American Independents & The Digital Revolution15Cinema Today and the Future

The Power of Film

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Some TED talks about cinematic storytelling

Playlist: The power of film
12 talks · 3h 12m · Curated by TED

Andrew Stanton:
The clues to a great story
TED2012 · 19:16 · Filmed Feb 2012

Panasonic Lumix GH3: Tips

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The White Balance, ISO and Exposure Compensation buttons are located on the handle, as is the front dial, which is used to navigate through menu features and select exposure parameters. When you select any of the three buttons, you can either navigate by using the touch screen or the dials atop or on the back of the camera.

Hint: To quickly select white balance, choose one of the manual WB settings, aim at a pure white, grey or black object in the scene, and press Select White Set on screen. Then hit the Menu/OK button, and your white balance is set.

Manual Video with GH3 camera

More GH3 video tips

The Bechdel Rule

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One of the most enduring tools to measure Hollywood's gender bias is a test originally promoted by cartoonist Alison Bechdel in a 1985 strip from her "Dykes To Watch Out For" series. Bechdel said that if a movie can satisfy three criteria -- there are at least two named women in the picture, they have a conversation with each other at some point, and that conversation isn't about a male character -- then it passes "The Rule," whereby female characters are allocated a bare minimum of depth...

Alison Bechdel's 1985 'The Rule' comicstrip

The Dollar-And-Cents Case Against Hollywood's Exclusion of Women

2015 Sundance Short Film Challenge

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Attention aspiring filmmakers:
Here's a chance to make a short film about people overcoming poverty.

5 entries will be featured at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival: http://b-gat.es/1gfJ29x

Create a unique, compelling, and personal Short Film that explores an empowering person or an optimistic story about individuals and communities who are overcoming poverty and hunger, combatting disease, or improving health.Your Short Film can be narrative fiction or documentary, imaginative, unorthodox, daring or simple -- the style and structure are completely up to you but you must touch on economic inequalities.

Music in Cinema

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Walter Murch

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What is the future of film?

...a master of picture editing and sound design, Murch has worked with, among others, director Francis Ford Coppola on such cinematic milestones as The Conversation, The Godfather I, II and III, and Apocalypse Now.
"Walter Murch: From The Godfather to the God Particle"

Walter Murch on Editing:

Tutorials on Lynda.com

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There is so much good support for your learning online.

Please make sure to do at least 8 hours of Lynda.com training over the semester.
UMD users will log in using their University Internet ID and password in order to access training videos available on lynda.umn.edu. Lynda.com's vast library is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and contains thousands of professional-grade Windows and Mac video tutorials.
Use your UMD log in to Lynda training tutorials:

Video Tutorials > Learn about videography and motion graphics, including tutorials on storyboarding, color correction, lighting, and video editing in After Effects, Premiere Pro, iMovie, and Final Cut Pro.

Photo composition

Project Imagination / a model for collaboration

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Project Imaginat10n launched with a photo contest, inviting the masses to interpret 10 storytelling themes through photography. After receiving tens of thousands of submissions, the 91 winning photos were announced. Then, the 5 Celebrity Directors and 5 Film Contest Winners each chose 10 photographs, one from each theme, to inspire their films. Watch them all here...

David Bordwell on Constructive Editing

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Sundance Film Fest > New Frontier

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Movies to catch on Netflix

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Movie List: Must-Watch Films You Might Have Missed
by BLOUIN ARTINFO 01/01/14 7:59 AM EST

"Frances Ha" - Directed by Noah Baumbach

"To the Wonder" - Directed by Terrence Malick

"Something in the Air" - Directed by Olivier Assayas

Short Films + Online Posting?

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Short films and online posting / film festival eligibility...

and more interesting stuff on Short of the Week

Open Culture > Free movies online

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Red Parasol Projects on Vimeo

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University of Minnesota Duluth digital art students collaborated with acting students in Spring 2013. The unifying constraint: each short video project needed to integrate a Red Parasol. Five project storylines went into production, each featuring 2-3 student actors from UMD's Acting for the Camera class. Each production team also included 3 students from our Digital Filmmaking class. Each small crew needed to cover all the pre-production concept development and location camerawork for their production. Students took turns directing shots and covering various tasks on location in Duluth. Each filmmaking student edited their own version of the Red Parasol Project, using the characters, settings, storyline and video captured by their small team. The resulting 15 short films were screened at our final exam.

KendraJaeger Final April from Kendra Rae on Vimeo.



April by Kendra Jaeger

April by Missy Smetana

April by Bethany Bourgoin

Anamnesis by Ryan Holmquist

Anamnesis by Sam Hagen

Anamnesis by Vivian Otoo

The Mystery Man by Brady Roy

The Mystery Man by Marissa Murdy


Mystery Man by Kate Bendel

Daydream by Keri Koskiniemi

Daydream by Sarah Heil

Daydream by Emyli Gudmundson

Crimson and Cerulean by Rick McLean

Red + Blue by Brittany V. Hecker

more about cast + crew of Red Parasol Project...

elliptical editing... in a film by Agnes Varda

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Bordwell and Thompson's textbook, Film Art: An Introduction explores key concepts in cinema--mise-en-scène, lighting, cinematography, sound, and editing--through examples. Their examples are short and to the point, here is one showing elliptical editing in Agnes Varda's Vagabond ...

More about filmmaker Agnes Varda


Bordwell's blog
Bordwell's website

Early color film test

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Beasts of the Southern Wild

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Beasts of the Southern Wild


Anyone interested in cinematography and video editing should see this film from director Benh Zeitlin. It took home the Grand Jury Prize and Best Cinematography award at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. Expected to win some oscars next.

Movies about Photography

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Premiere Pro basics / help / tutorials

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Premiere Pro basic Tutorial - Import, Edit, Export from clay asbury on Vimeo.

There are some big differences between the CS5 and CS6 versions of Premiere.
Make sure you do tutorials that match with the version you are using.

Help with Adobe Premiere Pro


How to use Vimeo


Please set up your own vimeo account (free) to share your short digital video project.

More info here:
Vimeo Help Center / Frequently Asked Questions
Vimeo Video School
HD Channel


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Storyboarding for Toy Story

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Match Cuts / Jump Cuts / Cutaways

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Here's a famous match cut from Lawrence of Arabia

and one from 2001: A Space Odyssey

2D / 3D Space in Cinema

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Stepping Stones in Film History

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Panasonic Lumix GH2 cameras

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