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Digital Filmmaking Class Blog

This blog is for use in Art2040 and Art4040, Digital Filmmaking courses at The University of Minnesota Duluth. It's a place for students to post comments, share research and reflections on assignments with their classmates.

Art2040 Digital Filmmaking: Visual Narratives offers an introduction to the basic concepts of cinematic narrative and the fundamentals of digital video production. The class provides a learning laboratory for low budget film techniques and project collaboration. Assignments include visual concept development, storyboarding, animatics, team video production and digital editing. The class also engages in discussion of the language of filmmaking, the conventions and innovations of film history.This course primarily serves Art&Design students in the Digital Art and Photography emphasis, students in the Film Studies minor, and others who are interested in a beginning hands-on experience with digital video tools. Students who want to continue their work with video can also take Art2030 (Time-based Media), Art3040 (Experimental Techniques), Art4040 (Advanced Projects) through the Department of Art&Design, as well as other courses that are part of the Film Studies minor offered through the Theatre Department.

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