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April 30, 2013

The Cutting Edge > Editing Plan

We'll be watching this DVD in class. Plan to blog about it here.
As you prepare to edit your final project, what aesthetic and technical choices do you plan to make to create a unified story? What is your plan for the use of pacing, shot types, cuts, continuity, and sound in your final edit? Use a specific example from The Cutting Edge of an editing choice you might try in your own project.

April 11, 2013

Short Film Project Reflection

Please post to blog by Final Exam / Friday May 17:

Digital Filmmaking: Short Film / PROJECT REFLECTION
Your Name:
Project Title:
Collaborators and their roles:
Link to your project on Vimeo:

Describe your own pre-production activities and tasks: (such as:
writing, sketching, storyboarding, character design, prop /costume
research, location scouting, test shooting, etc)

Part 2 : ON THE SET
Briefly describe each day of shooting.
What jobs did you do, what went well.
What equipment did you use? What shot choices did you make?
How did you light each shoot? How did you capture sound?
What challenges came up and how did you meet them?
How was the experience directing and working with actors?
How did you respond to unforeseen variables?

Describe additional tasks and roles you took on to wrap up your project
Did you have to rewrite or reshoot anything?
Did you create any special effects or animation?
How did you work with sound, music, voice-over?

Title of your movie:
Run Time:

Reflect upon your final edit of the short film project.

What aesthetic and technical choices did you make to create a unified story?
What choices of shot types, rhythm, pacing, cuts and transitions did
you make as an editor?
How do you think these choices support the emotions or ideas you hope
to communicate to your audience?
What issues came up as you worked with the captured video and audio in
the digital editing software?
How did you create solutions when technical problems came up?
What works best about your edit of the team project?
What might you do differently if you had more time and experience?