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The Cutting Edge > Editing Plan

We'll be watching this DVD in class. Plan to blog about it here.
As you prepare to edit your final project, what aesthetic and technical choices do you plan to make to create a unified story? What is your plan for the use of pacing, shot types, cuts, continuity, and sound in your final edit? Use a specific example from The Cutting Edge of an editing choice you might try in your own project.


Brady Roy
Blog For “The Cutting Edge”

I found a couple things interesting about the editing techniques in this movie. One of the first things I was intrigued by was the cutting of the clips. They would cut out certain spots in the middle of film until they had the perfect shots. They also talk about breaking the rules of film, which I also though was very important. They talk about how film was to played out and became to formal, many movies would have the same scene sequences displaying certain scenes until editors started switching the sequences, having close ups when people didn’t expect close ups, and long shots when they weren’t expected. This was brand new to the viewers of these films and it was age of how you could portrait scenes happening in movies. Lastly, when they talk about sex scenes, they talk about bringing in a physiologist to help them lay out the eroticism in intimate scenes, I though that was interesting to know that there is that much planning that can go into one scene, and the way the director wanted that scene to feel.

My plan to edit and cut the film is to try and make it emotional and beautiful. I love the idea of using space and not cutting as much as I can, but I'm not sure how this will work until I try it. I didn't even know how much affect the editor has on a film until watching this video. It was very influential to understand how much the cuts in a film make the film. Pushing myself and making it look powerful, and as proud of I am as how well the filming went for my first long film is definitely what I want to do. I think I want to speed up the fight between Meyer and Chloe, since that is the most powerful part of the film, as well as elongating the interaction between Meyer and Llana, which is also thought provoking and emotional, and being the decreasing part of the film.

In The Cutting Edge they discussed how in the film JFK they used fast cuts when the character was running and in a rush. I think this would be something great to try in my own film during the scenes where the girls are following the person with the umbrella. I want to edit the film by showing very slow paced panning shots in the beginning then mix it up with some quick cuts to scenes on the street. In the cutting edge they also discussed how sound can make a huge impact on films or even the lack of sound. I usually create silent short films but I am going to try using sound in this film as well as dramatic silence at the end of the film. In the Film Bonnie and Clyde they used close ups and montage to create suspense. They would she her face and then a gun and then back to her face, I though this was really interesting in The Man with the Movie Camera as well. I found this editing film really interesting.

I plan on using different pacing of editing through out the story. In the beginning when they’re at the coffee shop the cuts will be slower and as the mystery begins with the umbrella, I will have the cuts become a lot faster. The ending will become slower as well once the main characters find what’s inside the mansion. I want to try to begin each scene with an establishing or wide shot. I also then want to incorporate good medium and close up shots to get the viewers interested in the characters. The sound will probably be the most difficult to incorporate with the issue of continuity. I plan on incorporating the ambient noise with music overlaying it so it’s not as noticeable if the ambient noise changes. I want the music to capture the character’s emotions and what they’re going through at that specific time. An idea for editing from the film Cutting Edge would be the editing style where you do not always connect shots together. You can leave out some of the in-between shots and make it interesting. I also want to incorporate different angles of a scene to add interest and let the audience see every angle.

When it comes to editing my film, I don’t exactly know how I am going to do it yet. I have looked through all of the footage, and I think that I am going to import it by scenes into Premiere and edit it scene by scene. In watching The Cutting Edge, I saw a couple of techniques that I may try to incorporate into my film, given that I have scenes that would work with it and the type of editing makes sense. I really liked when they showed having a dissolving transition between scenes. I think that I may incorporate this in my video to help make transitions between Llana’s scenes and Meyer’s/Chloe and Meyer’s scenes. I also liked when they showed one of the clips where you see a character opening a door in one scene and while the door is closing the camera flips to the other side of the door into the room where the character is. In addition, I thought fracturing time could possibly work its way into my film. Some general ideas that I took away from the film include cutting a scene when a character blinks and pacing the movie differently to create interest in the film.

I plan on using a lot of detail shots fast cut within the scenes. These atmospheric and detailed shots will help establish location and will also help pace the whole film. Later parts of the film will have faster cuts as the action starts to pick up. As for sound, I will be using sound I make myself to emphasize the flashback sequences in the film. Humming and filtered noise will define the flashbacks as separate from the waking scenes. Intense crescendos will lead the viewer into and out of the flashbacks. There will also be dialog and atmospheric sounds in the waking scenes. One example from The Cutting Edge that I really liked was the jump cuts from Breathless(1960) these cuts help move the pacing along and cut down the length of the film. In addition, they help cut painfully long shots into shorter clips, keeping the viewer entertained.

For the dream sequence in my version of the film, I plan on using a lot of cuts for the dance for the dream sequence. I plan on cutting back and forth between the date scenes and the dance scenes, to build up to a fairly quick pace during the dream sequence. I plan on initially relying on the date scenes, then relying on the dance scenes. Later, I plan on using flashback cuts to parts of the dance scenes that I used for Dan and Katie’s characters, in the real-life sequences. A specific example that from the Cutting Edge that I plan on using is like the chaotic back and forth shots in the gladiator fight scene that was shown, from the film Gladiator. I want to use fast cutting techniques that were shown in various examples in The Cutting Edge.

The first thing I saw that I really liked and want to use is the back and forth cut. I think using this once in a while for switching from Daniel’s world to Katie’s world and vise versa would be really effective. I wouldn’t use this kind of transition every time because we go back and forth between their worlds so often that it could get overwhelming but I would like to use it at least once. I want to linger more in the dream world shots and move a little more quickly in the real world and in the last scene have a slower pace again. I think freezing frames in the dream world in the moments of bliss when the characters are so happy could be interesting. I want the sound to be very minimalistic so you can focus on the actions and movements of the actors, during times when there is dialog that isn’t vital to the story I want to replace it with some sort of music or sound instead to keep things very simple. I want use the sound to and smooth cuts to unify the whole piece.

Editing Plan
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