Exercise 2: Capturing the Light


Exercise 2: Capturing the Light
Using only easily available light sources or natural light to illuminate your subject, create a simple narrative using a variety of visual strategies to capture and exploit the light. What low-budget light sources can you test? Light through window at various times of day, simple table lamps, candle light, flash lights, car headlights, fire light... See what your camera is capable of capturing. Make sure you have at least one person and one object in your scene.

Suggested location: a place you want to shoot at later this semester. Try to use a variety of shot types, as in previous exercise. You must use a tripod for at least half of your shots. At least half of your shots should keep the camera still. Work on focus, and be deliberate about what is in focus in each shot. Don't use any zooming motion. When using motion, limit use of hand held camerawork. If you have a fluid head tripod, use it for smooth pans!

Edit to 15-30 seconds / optional simple sound. Sound must be copyright free or cleared.

Exercise #2 Capturing the Light ....
Should be posted to Vimeo and the link posted here by

Please show rough clips / in process next week.

We will view this film :

Visions of Light: The Art of Cinematography

Here are some examples of student experiments with capturing various kinds of lighting on video:

Sam Hagen

Kate Bendel

Sarah Heil

Bethany Bourgoin

Ryan Holmquist

Marissa Murdy

Brittany Hecker


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