Animation Techniques


Inspired by a wealth of innovation in the field of animation, each team needed to integrate at least 2 techniques for creating movement in their story.

All the teams used photoshop as one of their animating tools. Other methods included claymation, shadow puppetry, sand animation, paint animation, and stop-motion with found objects.


Here are some links to student research and found examples of these techniques:

Cut-0ut Animation researched by Elise and Shawntelle

Claymation researched by Lorena and Sarah

Puppet Animation researched by Amara and Jessalyn

Sand / Paint Animation researched by Tara, Christina and Melissa

Stop-motion with Objects researched by Amber and Tiffany

Chalk / Whiteboard / Graffiti Animation researched by Whitney and Jillian

Storyboard Animatic researched by Brent and Curtis

Cameraless Animation researched by Rachel and Amber P.

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