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One of the most creative aspects of our Digital Methods class is the integration of the Digital Art Workshop for Youth.  Art Education students engage in hands-on teaching and mentoring of children ages 10-14 in our after school workshop. 


For the first month of class, Digital Methods students refreshed their skills in photoshop and shared research on animation techniques. When the workshop launched in October, they played various roles, such as demonstrating animation tools, mentoring in the computer lab, and developing visual strategies for collaborative storytelling.

The Digital Methods students selected seven well-known stories to recreate using digital media. Each college student worked in a team with several children during the workshop to produce a group animation on the class theme : Tales of Transformation.


Digital Methods in Art Education students reflect on their mentoring experience on their own blogs.

Fall 2009 Workshop Mentors :

Amara Barthelemy

Shawntelle Bates

Jessalyn Eddy

Brent Erickson

Elise Filmore

Whitney Halquist

Rachel Heisler

Curtis Huso

Christina Johnson

Melissa Kirchoff

Tara Mathison

Amber Burns (Olson)

Amber Parker

Tiffany Quade

Lorena Sell

Jillian Westrum

Sarah Wiesner

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Face Transformations > Day 1

On the first day of the workshop, we introduced the process of using the layers in photoshop to create frames in an animation. Everyone started with a snapshot of their own face, taken with the built-in computer camera in photo booth software. Each participant was asked to envision a transformation of themselves into another character or creature. The image was opened in photoshop, and changed step by step, duplicating the layer and painting on the image. Layers were reopened in the photoshop animation window, timing was adjusted and they were rendered as quicktime movies.

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