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Visual Strategies

The Art Education students chose well-known stories that would fit the class theme: Tales of Transformation. They developed visual strategies and resources to help focus the collaborative projects. Here are their visual plans which include color palettes, media techniques and inspirational artworks to help create visual unity in each story.








Animation Techniques


Inspired by a wealth of innovation in the field of animation, each team needed to integrate at least 2 techniques for creating movement in their story.

All the teams used photoshop as one of their animating tools. Other methods included claymation, shadow puppetry, sand animation, paint animation, and stop-motion with found objects.


Here are some links to student research and found examples of these techniques:

Cut-0ut Animation researched by Elise and Shawntelle

Claymation researched by Lorena and Sarah

Puppet Animation researched by Amara and Jessalyn

Sand / Paint Animation researched by Tara, Christina and Melissa

Stop-motion with Objects researched by Amber and Tiffany

Chalk / Whiteboard / Graffiti Animation researched by Whitney and Jillian

Storyboard Animatic researched by Brent and Curtis

Cameraless Animation researched by Rachel and Amber P.

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