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Here are the final stories, by the seven teams:

The Frog Prince animation created by Maddie and Johanna, mentored by Christina, Whitney, and Amber. This group used Monet's water lilies for their visual influence and color palette. They experimented with paint on a light table as one animation technique.

Icarus animation created by Charlie and Dane, mentored by Curtis, Brent, and Amber. The visual look of this project was inspired by the recent animated sci-fi fantasy film "9" and other dark, mechanical, stop motion work.

The Ugly Pumpkin created by Emma and Charlie, mentored by Tara, Jillian and Melissa. This is a new version of The Ugly Duckling, inspired by the Halloween season and the Pop Art graphics of Andy Warhol.

The Evil Teacher and the Werewolf animation created by Ben and Ben, mentored by Shawntelle and Sarah. This is an original plot line, spun from the werewolf legend. The project was influenced by shadow puppet animation and employs a color harmony of greens with black silhouettes.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow created by Wyatt and Ryan, mentored by Jessalyn and Amara. This story derives from a German folktale, Dutch Ghost stories, and the legend penned by Washington Irving about a headless horseman. The visual look and color harmony was influenced by the painter Goya. Sand animation on a light table was one of the techniques explored.

Skulluth Begins created by Gina and Aadi, mentored by Rachel and Tiffany. The group took inspiration from Roy Lichenstein's comic book style using primary colors and simplified forms. Here the Pinocchio story of an inanimate object wished to real life takes a few new twists. They also added some claymation into the mix.
A second version of the Skulluth story was created by Aadi. It's viewable on Tiffany's blog:

Beauty and the Horse animation was created by Ellie and Nils, mentored by Lorena and Elise. This story is based on a version of Beauty and the Beast from the Netherlands. Visual inspiration and color palette came from the work of artists Vincent Van Gogh and Franz Marc.

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