Class Schedule- Subject to Change

Advanced Printmaking- Schedule

I Photo/Digital Mechanical Section

This week:
T: Photolitho, printing in color
Th: Work day
Reading: Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction by Walter Benjamin

Week Four
T 7th Jenny in Amarillo, work day
Th 9th Reading discussion, Polyester plate litho

Week Five
T 14th Guest Artist Laura Berman talks to class
Th 16th Work Day

Week Six
T 21st Critique- photo-litho project completed
Th 23rd Soft ground drawing transfer to etching, composing for intaglio on the computer
Reading: Art in the Age of Manual Reproduction by Vik Muniz

Week Seven
T 28th Digital printing on alternative papers Chine colle I The Gampi Dip
Jenny to show grads and others more etching techniques, printing
Th 1st Chine Colle II combining digital and traditional images-

II. Alternative Methods

Week Eight
T 6th David Donovan althernative methods demos, Monoprinting methods
Th 8th One on one midterm meetings
Work day- experiment with collaboration, monoprinting

Week Nine-"Spring" break- SGC conference in New Orleans

Week Ten
T 20th Work day, Conference review
Th 22nd Field Trip to Highpoint and other presses
Rest of semester: TBD

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Being intellectually prepared for this class will enable me to build myself the right positive approach, which later will be the main "culprit" for the successful end of the class. Everytime I sick to a certain plan, I am increasing my chances for better results.

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