1950s group

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one micro projector
four regular projectors
five laptops (one with Livedraw)

We will be using this equipment to create a subtle commentary about "home" via the persistence of time. After being dropped off at the train station and navigating past the white cube, the viewer comes "home." The viewer is greeted by delightful smells and a mass of paper dolls that viewers can play with using Livedraw. The user can examine the idea of "family," incorporating text fragments that we provide and making the paper dolls interact with each other; images of domestic scenes from 1950 to the future flash in the background.

The viewer can then go into the room to the east where a projector shows images of families who are "watching" the looping video on the opposite wall. This video is made up of clips (i.e., bomb shelters, atom bombs, etc.).

In the small back room, the viewer will see another video with sound. This two-hour film begins with tranquil, idealistic clips (i.e., Leave it to Beaver, commercials for food, etc); the video clips then get darker and more dystopian.

In the bathroom, we will have framed images from a 1950s citizen handbook; viewers will thus be guided into good citizenship.

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