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We will have 3 digital collages in Photoshop, and each have black layer over the collage, and then using a wacom tablet, people can use the eraser tool, and the collage is revealed piece by piece (eraser movement by eraser movement). These three collages will be projected next to each other inside, onto white sheets, on the long wall inside the space.

Materials/Gear List:
3 projectors
3 arms
3 mac adaptors
3 laptops (Nichola, Maddy, and Shannon? are bringing)
2 wacom tablets checked out (Nichola is brining a third one)
Power strip (minimum of 6 outlets)
Extension chord
White Sheets XXL
Hammer, Nails, and Ladder

Jenny... We are in need of a table or tables! Not sure what to use, we're still thinking and searching...

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4 projectors

4 VGA cables

3 mac adapters (VGA-DV ~ MADDY, #3 ~ SHANNON)

5 magic arms



Markers (sharpies)

2 wacom tablets checked out (1 personal)

1 laptop checked out (3 personal)
(1 laptop must have LIVEDRAW installed)

2 rolling carts from MAW clubhouse, a 3rd & 4th if available please
2 tables & 2 chairs (only if 2 more carts are not available)

power strip(s?) - 8 outlets minimum

Extension cord

White sheets


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