Final Project Proposal: post HERE

Post five possible project ideas/sites as responses to this post.
Be specific and respond to the question/problems/opportunities below for each idea.

Your final project can be solo or collaborative, but please help each other as needed for the outing events. As we find sites, we will coordinate groups.

Site Specificity:
You should scout several possible sites and choose one based on its relation to your content or make content that responds to the site, whether it be architectural, human interaction, purpose or history.

Audience Interaction:
Some of the winter projects employed this, but getting the audience engaged is trickier than it looks.

Digital? Manual? Photographic? Drawn? Built mostly on-site or with gadgets/art/sculptural elements made beforehand?

Scale of source to projection:
Macro, micro in any combination to add to your content.

Stop motion, film, animation, sound, MAX,

Darkness of environment, lightness or darkness of substrate, scale, power, location in relation to the class/travel (don't limit yourself too much)

Do you want a deliberate or accidental audience? What location has good traffic and who is around at night?

Hard Deadlines:
Tuesday April 3rd: before class, have completed 3 MAX/MSP tutorials and posted in response to the reading
Thursday April 5th have created (and show us) something made in the eStudio

Tuesday April 10th: before class, earlier if possible....
Post five possible project ideas/sites on the blog, under final project category. Be specific and respond to the question/problems/opportunities above.

Tuesday April 17th, before class, earlier if possible....
Final project posted, please have returned to your site to consider all aspects of your project and locate it on a google map.
Equipment quiz


1. I’d like to explore the phrase “I am planning” or “I am a planner” or “I plan.” What are the responsibilities of a city planner and where does the identity of the public planner come into play? The project will take place on Riverside between 26th and Cedar on the white concrete street dividers that are up for construction. I will project such images as Robert Moses, the authoritarian planner in New York City, and how I-94 split the Rondo neighborhood. I will project the phrases “I am planning,” “I am a planner” and “I plan” on the white dividers and invite viewers to write how they would change the neighborhood if they were in charge of planning the area.

2. Using the words “public space,” I will create transparencies of all the words I can find that are made up of the letters in “public space.”
lice pace ace ape cap ale sale scale I is ice lace blip sea sail pail pale splice cab base sip slip club cub pile cape pace [es] [s] a
I will then ask viewers to arrange the words to make sentences of what sorts of activities can be done in public spaces. Another person will act out the sentences to activate the public space. The projections will be on a wall in a small corner park on Lake St.

3. I want to create dialogue about the importance of post offices to small towns. I will project the names of the 88 towns in Minnesota that are on the chopping block onto the side of the post office on University Ave. Viewers will write on images of postcards, responding to certain prompts such as “what would you write to yourself as you’ll be in 30 years?” and “if you were on vacation in the Twin Cities, how would you describe your trip?”

4. What I’d really like to do is research evaluation techniques for ephemeral public art, especially in the context of public participation. First, I’ll see if others have created criteria for impact evaluation. I’ll think about what we’ve talked about in class about the different forms of viewer participation and the values placed on the different ways audience members can react/interact with the projections. I will write a brief survey to administer during my classmates’ performances/projects; the questions will address how the viewers participates, their perspectives on how the piece transforms public space, and their opinions on the socio/political/historical aspects of the pieces (if that is applicable). I will then write a report on potential impact tools for public projection.

1. I think it'd be a disservice to my 8 year old self if I DIDN'T emulate the NES and project it as big as possible on the side of a building. I have a controller that would allow people to mess with their conceptions of scale. Heres the building I had in mind (the white one): or possibly this one if that doesn't work out: It would be perfect, because people would stroll by on the stone arch bridge, and I could wrangle them over and they could play Super Mario Bros. or Gradius on an enormous scale.
2. I would compile a series of psychedelic clips, and put them on loop, and then have live draw over the enveloping audio/video experience. I haven't quite conceptualized the aesthetic, but I would like to generate some content of my own among appropriated clips. Accidental audience can be assumed for all of these ideas, because I feel like an accidental audience is the best kind. Possible location for decent public turn out would be nearby the stone arch bridge on this nice white wall:
3. I would really like to take the Micro projector (similar to the "where am I" stint) and tape a rented camera to the bottom of it. I then would go into public and have it projected on a white shirt. I would probably get my room mate to be my henchmen as I went into public places like grocery stores, with visual commentary (on whatever environment I'm in) being projected on my chest.
4. In the same area mentioned in idea number 2, I would have a performance piece where I'd tape a shadow dual between two people- project it as if they were actually our shadows- and then the shadows would become cognizant of the actual people and interact. If that sounds a little confusing heres a text chart: film people dueling, green screen them so it's just two silhouettes instead of people -> Act the dual out in front of projection as if they were the real shadows -> Flip the script on the audience when the shadows stray from the movements of the actors.

-Joe Buchholz

1. Audio collage and video projection of interviews and readings by John Berryman from the West Bank of the river to the underside of the Washington Ave bridge. Lighting levels might make projections less than ideal, but should still be acceptable as the underside of the bridge has an interesting reflective surface, and audio would be the primary focus. Was interested in parachuting remote cameras off the pedestrian bridge to record the freefall, but not sure if that's feasible. Not sure what level of interaction would be involved, if any. Possibly just a take-away patch or button?

2. Still searching for a large concrete space with good acoustics in order to live mic one end and broadcast the delayed and distorted audio at the other, randomized using MAX programming. Possibly a tunnel or parking garage? No real locations in mind, preferably an inconspicuous public location to heighten the surreality.

3. Related to the conversation we had in Thursday's class about how to properly document and curate information from interviews/interactions, I was interested in recording one question interviews, ranging from the mundane (What did you have for lunch?) to the profound (What is your concept of god?)from a variety of subjects, and upon each answer, removing and smashing the camcorder's sd card, leaving the sd card fragments, the subjects first name and the question asked as the only record of the interaction.

4. This one may be hard to describe without diagramming, but it would in effect be a hall of mirrors, or an infinite loop created with a hall of angled mirrors and motion activated cameras projecting the received data to the end of the hall. This would almost certainly need to be an indoor installation, however.

5. Would be interested in using livedraw and projection for some real-time defacement of billboards and business signs, but don't have any specifics in mind.

For my final project I will be working with Ashley and Jane on an event that rises awareness about the events going on in Syria. Our project will take place right after a movie showing about the events in Syria at CMU. Because of this we are a bit limited in space, but to tackle this we are thinking of using the same handheld projectors to project on peoples bodies and creating an inflatable to project on. We are also thinking of having people write down their thought about the event in Syria and projecting those.

Also, I am trying I want to come up with some idea to try and promote the event. I was thinking that we could project images of the events in Syria somewhere with a lot of traffic. Ideally this would be a government building, but for legal reasons that might be out of the question. But I think Northrup would be a good place to project, and even though it's on campus, it makes a lot of sense since the actually event will be at CMU.

I also may want to do something the day that everyone else goes out and does their final project. Because the event that we are thinking about is on a different day, it might be nice to do something with the rest of the class. The idea I had in mind has to do with the idea of disposable film. The idea would be to encourage people to take video of the events with their cell phone or some other non- traditional recording device and post them online somewhere. The idea would put power in people hands and allow for got documentation. The only thing I'm not sure about is what to do with the video after it's been posted online.

For my final project I want to incorporate the phrase "Minnesota Nice". This saying has several different meanings to people, ranging from overly friendly, to passive-aggressive. I'm curious how we as Minnesotan's perceive ourselves, compared to how non-native Minnesotans feel. Whatever the location, the same base themes would be employed. The project will rely heavily on audience interaction, directly asking questions of their greatest Minnesota memories and/or stories. Using livedraw we would then recreate their memories through drawings and simple animations. We would also give them a "souvenir" to keep. Through this interaction I would love to gain a deeper understanding of the town and culture that I have become consumed in, and may have lost some perspective on.
1) Target Field, Second half of a night game.
Projecting directly onto the exterior of Target Field seems an ideal place for a project on MN-Nice. Several pluses to this site would be a) PLENTY of foot traffic b) location that directly ties to a popular MN activity c) Generally happy audience members. d) biking distance. Potential problems with this project are a) Possibly too many people at one time to fully engage someone b)permission to project on the building itself

2) Stone Arch Bridge. Similar to Target field; same "MN moment" type environments. Benefits include a) again, plenty of foot traffic, except here there would be a steady flow of foot traffic, and rather than at Target Field where they would come in droves. I also imagine their pace to be a more leisurely stroll. b) small groups of people, usually 2 to 4 in size. I imagine this to be the perfect size group to interact with at a time. c) biking distance. Potential down sides are a) finding an appropriate surface to project. b) possibly being "in the way" on a narrow bridge with lots of people passing by.

3) Minnehaha Falls.
Projecting onto the falls themselves or the cliffs surrounding, this quiet woodsy setting would be a unique place for art. There is a surprisingly steady flow of light traffic over the course of a few short hours, allowing for audience participation in a very intimate setting. Pluses are a) Extremely intimate. There would be no surrounding distractions. b) element of surprise. The last place I would think to stumble upon an art project is in the woods. Audiences would make their way down to the falls and have no way of seeing whats ahead of them, unlike someone walking down a city sidewalk who has an opportunity to ignore or walk away from a projection team in his path. c) again the happy customer affect. I doubt anyone going to see the falls at night is in a terrible mood. Possible problems include a) I've known the park patrol to be rather nazi-like in their management of the park. Hopefully they wouldn't mind. b) the surprise factor may be too much for some people, who thought they'd be alone. c)not biking distance d) I can't recall how bright the falls actually are at night, as I drove by in the daytime.

4) If Target Field doesn't work out, projecting on one of the building walls in the blocks surrounding the stadium. There are countless large open walls usually surrounding parking lots. Pros and cons are largely the same of Target Field itself, except there would likely be less overwhelming droves of people. The project may also appear less "legitimate" compared to projecting on the actual stadium. I feel like people would be quick to ignore the project.

5) Other significant MN locations? Downtown St. Paul? Walker? Metrodome? What has plenty of foot traffic and relates to Minnesota significance.

1. My first idea is to make a sculpture comprised of laser-cut feathers. The piece will be made into a garment, probably a shirt or tunic. I will invite the viewer to take out a feather essentially taking apart the garment. Beside the sculpture there will be a light table for the viewer to place the feather on and read the cut word. Behind the garment I’ll have a curtain, the viewer will then be invited to go ‘back stage’ and view a projection featuring footage of sweatshops. I plan to place the project down on St. Anthony’s Main by the theater under the bridge.

2. My second idea is to use mini-cameras and bike through the warehouse district while projecting on buildings. As I bike I’d drop pieces of laser-cut feathers or other found objects like leaves along making a path with items that can later be found while having no impact on the environment. The words on the items would be related to consumption concerns.

3. My third idea is to do some sort of performance piece based on shadow puppets and actual actions in front of a projector. I’m not sure what I’d want to address or have be the focus of the performance but I’m drawn to the interaction with light on large walls. If possible I’d like to project downtown by the large music mural wall between 10th St S and Marquette Ave, it could serve as an interesting preexisting canvas for interaction.

4. My fourth idea is to use the live draw tables as a way to interact with viewers, inviting them to draw, or answer questions about consumption. This would be wirelessly connected to a computer and large projector in another place that would show the answers/drawings as they are created. I’m thinking of something that deals with consumption. This would ideally be down on St. Anthony’s Main where lots of people are walking around. The large projection would probably be by the soap factory on the warehouses, connecting the people walking around and the projection so after you draw you can look at the overall projection.

5. My fifth idea is to paint a large part of a parks grass white and project from up in a tree. This is probably too dangerous with the equipment but hypothetically speaking if I could do it I’d want to have the area on the ground for performance and interaction.

I will be working collaboratively with Sarah and Jane on a project, which will be shown/performed at an event that a group that I am associated with is presesnting... April 29 at Coffman Theater

After the performance and panel/Q&A there will be a reception in the lobby. I would like to engage people after the performance, in the courtyard, and have all the doors propped open to encourage the flow of people.

I like the idea of lighting up the fountain in the courtyard with red light, which will reflect off the water. We might have to cover up lights, so I'd be interested in creating black structures out of fabric that would cover the lights, and would also symbolize being trapped. My goal of the project is to keep the public discussion going, and have people interact with eachother about the themes presented throughout the evening, and about their ideas, and about their feelings. I have been thinking about hooking up light tables and have people write and answer questions, or pose ideas. I'm kind of stuck, still trying to think of how to visually communicate ideas or feelings. I also like the idea of projecting on people's bodies with mini projectors that are hooked up to iTouches, so I could flip through different images on the iTouch and change what gets projected...Things that i thought about projecting on people's bodies would be: names, numbers, locations, faces, something symbolic?

Also, I see this project living outside of the event. I would like to take the bikes out and project images across Minneapolis. The images would either be from Syria, or from/of people's reactions at the event, or content gathered at the event (ie their writings).

Still hashing out ideas...

Final Project Decision-

After returning to Target Field to determine the final aspects of a project, I decided that projecting onto the Southwest exterior wall of the stadium would be perfect. There is less foot traffic than other locations at the stadium, but still very consistent. There is also a very wide sidewalk with plenty of space to set up our equipment.

Light Table (wearable)
Wireless device
VGA Converter
Projector, with power cable
Magic Arm (2)
Computer Speakers
Battery/ Generator
AC Converter
Head Lamp
MN lasercuts

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