Final Project Description (and some deadlines)

Final Project Proposal Art for the People Art on Wheels

Your final project can be solo or collaborative, but please help each other as needed for the outing events. As we find sites, we will coordinate groups.

Site Specificity:
You should scout several possible sites and choose one based on its relation to your content or make content that responds to the site, whether it be architectural, human interaction, purpose or history.

Audience Interaction:
Some of the winter projects employed this, but getting the audience engaged is trickier than it looks.

Digital? Manual? Photographic? Drawn? Built mostly on-site or with gadgets/art/sculptural elements made beforehand?

Scale of source to projection:
Macro, micro in any combination to add to your content.

Stop motion, film, animation, sound, MAX,

Darkness of environment, lightness or darkness of substrate, scale, power, location in relation to the class/travel (don't limit yourself too much)

Do you want a deliberate or accidental audience? What location has good traffic and who is around at night?

Hard Deadlines:
Tuesday April 3rd: before class, have completed 3 MAX/MSP tutorials and posted in response to the reading
Thursday April 5th have created (and show us) something made in the eStudio

Tuesday April 10th: before class, earlier if possible....
Post five possible project ideas/sites on the blog, under final project category. Be specific and respond to the question/problems/opportunities above.

Tuesday April 17th, before class, earlier if possible....
Final project posted, please have returned to your site to consider all aspects of your project and locate it on a google map.
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