ARTS 3690/5690 Art for the People / Art on Wheels

T 6:00- 10:00, Th 6:00-8:00 W130
Jenny Schmid

This class teaches students live, mobile projection-based public art and considers the ideas surrounding this medium. Students will learn skills- from how to use public projection software and hardware to how to organize and brainstorm a site-specific, collaborative piece. We will also consider topics such as working with community groups and applying for grants, and we will have many guests to discuss their work and teach us their skills. Finally, we will read relevant texts and look at artwork related to the history of projection, animation and public art.

The prerequisite for this class is EMA 1601 and you should have some familiarity with a video editing program to take this course, as it will be a primary tool for the class. Beyond that, the course benefits from having a range of students from different fields and members of the MAW collective will also be a great resource for this class.

This class combines low and high technologies freely- from cutouts on a light table to software that was specifically designed to integrate live, video and looped imagery in public projection. This class will be a collaborative effort and make use of the skills/ideas/interests of the participants to create a dynamic and productive studio/lab environment.

Participation and individual motivation 30%
participate actively in discussions, actively organize/maintain equipment, tell us about events/opportunities, be a constructive collaborative member, be self-motivated and engaged
Reading/Project responses 20%
Post images/videos from all projects on blog
Two paragraphs in response to reading/projects on the blog
Respond to one person's entry on the blog
Mid-term collaborative project 20%
Final solo or collaborative project 30%
Attendance: You are allowed to miss three classes, beyond that your grade will start to drop

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