Class Schedule

Week One:
T 17th: Introductions, history and projects The MAW Collective, Work & background: Jenny- collaborative micro and macro projection projects
Th 19th: Work presentation by class members: Show one work you made (or highlights) and an artist you like who uses projection, performance, installation, public or site specific media (10 minutes each, bring a flash drive)
Reading/Writing: Do it Together- the benefits of collaboration

Event Alerts!: Walker Art Museum Out There Festival, Art Shanty

Week Two
T 24th: Work presentation by class members, introduction to the tools of projection and the tools in the building.
Th 26th: Livedraw and projection setup- Sinan, Jenny

Event Alerts!: Bart Buch Puppet Salon and Social Hour Saturday
Powderhorn Park Art Sled Rally on the 28th 2:00

Week Three
T 31st: Practicalities and Collaborative Teams: What does it take to put a project together? How do you take advantage of member skills? Where can it go wrong? How can you create a constructive critical environment?
Daniel Dean, John Kim, Molly Reichert
*Quiz on the tools projection
Th 2nd: What it takes to set up a performance- site, gear, power sources, etc. Jenny and MAW collective members, finding a site. Winter Project Collaboration introduction & brainstorm
Reading/Writing: Site-specific art projects

Week Four
T 7th Discuss sites and form collaborative groups for Winter projects, visit/test possible sites, get permission and strategize. Jenny in Amarillo
Th 9th Steve Dietz; Opportunities beyond the Classroom: Northern Spark, Northern Lights, AOV grant.

Week Five
T 14th Talk further about collaborative groups, give feedback/tech support, begin project work, Collaborative Project work day
Th 16th Collaborative Project-nuts and bolts of project,

Week Six
T 21st Winter Performance work day- get themes and press together, etc.
Th 23rd Winter Performance work day- in progress critique

Event Alert! Northern Spark applications due on the 27th

Week Seven
T 28th Dress rehearsal- bring equipment to site and set up
Th 1st Public Event Class runs 6:00-12:00
Reading/Writing: Post documentation of your project. Give critical feedback on projects- one paragraph on your own work pros and cons, one paragraph on another project, pros and cons

Event Alert! March 3: AOV opens at Soap Factory with MAW members Drew Peterson, Aaron Westre and others

Week Eight
Tuesday 6th Public projection and physical theater. David Steinman, further hands-on work with Livedraw
Thursday 8th Some gadgets- Pbasket, Sbooth, Dcase and Artist on the Verge/Northern Lights project: Drew Anderson (possibly on site at the Soap Factory)
Reading/Writing: TBD

Week Nine
"Spring" break

Week Ten
T 20th MAX introduction, Ben Moren,
Th 22nd MAW room organizing, posting project pictures, et.
Assignment: do three MAX tutorials (beyond reviewing what you know)

Week Eleven
T 27th MAX tutorial reviews, Drew introduces dcase sbooth pbasket, laser cutter demo
Charge batteries!
Th 29th MATROX, possible first test outside, weather permitting.
Reading/Writing: Community/Activist Art

Week Twelve
T 3rd Writing grants and working with public programs: Angela Olson about Pillsbury House and her Northern Spark project (possibly at Pillsbury House) Charge batteries!
Th 5th Scouting, with batteries, weather permitting
Reading/Writing Brainstorm at least five possible ideas for final project

Week Thirteen
T 10th Aaron Westre workshop; his work, MAW software and Unity software
Discuss final project ideas, critical feedback, talk about solo or collaboration, support team, equipment, etc. etc.
Th 12th Jenny at UGA, group site visits for project proposals
Reading/Writing Final Proposal for project due on blog
Equipment list posted for quiz (Tuesday)

Week Fourteen
T 17th Meetings about final project proposal and practicalities, discussion of site visits, group collaboration.
Th 19th Work party day- publicity for outings arranged.

T 24th Work day- go out and test! bring bikes!!! Finalize teams and locations.
In-class Discussion of Relational Aesthetics Reading by student reequest (please review)
Th 26th Work day, go out and test! bring bikes!!! Jenny at Wellsley College
MFA show opens

T 1st Projection Outings Tests continue- bring bikes! Check weather forecasts
Th 3rd Projection Outing I: Bridges- bring bikes!!! 6 to midnight

T 8th: Projection Outing II: Baseball and Bars & final discussion/party 6 to midnight
Th 10th: Rain date for Outing I or II

May: Art A Whirl May 18-20th
June: Northern Spark & EyeO Festival

MAW (Minneapolis Art on Wheels or More Art Wherever, Maybe After Work, Magic And Wizardry....the MAW collective)
coming soon:

Art for the People Art on Wheels as taught/invented by Ali Momeni

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