Appropriation Silkscreen Assignment

For this project, you are asked to make a screen print that appropriates in some way. The work can integrate/rework a borrowed image (photo-mechanically or drawn), use a borrowed story or appropriate in the most open of ways. You are asked to change the meaning of the work you appropriate by re-contextualizing it or use an appropriated image in a way so that is clear that you are borrowing and it is part of your content.

Andy Warhol is an obvious example or consider collage artists such as Romare Bearden. Also consider this more conceptually- like an artist such as Sopie Calle who spies on people to use their identity in her work, or Enrique Chagoya or Sandow Birk, who both use images to make political statements. Consider what doors the medium of screen-printing might open up for you and how to use this assignment requirement in a creative way that responds to your interests.

At least 11" x 17" on good paper (Stonehenge, Somerset, Arches 88)
Edition of 7, minimum
At least 4 layers for critique date (5 is suggested for the final portfolio) of screen-printed color, one of which must be transparent and blend with the others

11.6. Small group monster crits. Brainstorming, image gathering, scanning, making positives Mid-term meetings
11.8. Printing Digitally, Screen coating and exposure (Mara), Mid-term meetings

11.13.Lecture: Appropriation, Registration techniques, Color discussion, Work day
11.15.Work Day

11.20. In-progress critique (have positives finished and first color printed, at least)
p.s. if you were done by now you could just enjoy your holiday!
11.22. Holiday of Eating

11.27. Project due, critique

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