Mid-Term Portfolio Requirements 2502

Due Tuesday October 30th at the start of class

*Review the assignments online to be sure you are meeting the project descriptions and size requirments

-Present your prints with even borders (can be a little bigger on bottom border)
-No fingerprints front or back (you can remove with white eraser/razor blade)
-Signed with title, edition number, signature on the front or, if full bleed, on back
-Edges should be torn neatly and square

Linocut project
One perfect print on good paper

Woodcut project
Five in an edition (all colors, papers and impressions the same)
One color variation

Please either put into a portfolio or wrap neatly in newsprint (easy to open) with your name and my name on it.

Also- be sure to turn in a review of an artist talk at the U of M before the end of the term. If you have already attended, please submit this with your midterm portfolio. Note: There won't be too many visitors after Midwest Pressed.

Review Requirements
Please write about which of the artists works you responded to the most and why. Also, please describe how this artist talked about their art and something they said about their work that stuck with you. Please write a minimum of five sentences (more is welcome) and use correct grammar and punctuation.

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