Visiting Artist Willie Cole- Student Response

Please write about which works of Willie Cole's you responded to the most and why. Also, please describe how this artist talked about their work and something they said about their work that stuck with you. Please write a minimum of five sentences (more is welcome) and use correct grammar and punctuation. I recommend writing and editing in Word before you post.

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Savannah by Willie Cole. I was very struck by how he transforms every day objects into a poetic, personal expression for a person's life experience. The writer on his webpage described the individuality of the ironing boards as signifying female personality types and this resonated with me in a strong way. African American art according to literary theater journalist, bell hooks, calls this connection to artifact one that is connected to the African American longing for a home, a past, a history. I am deeply inspired myself to find those icons that signify my past and my home. I might saw my icon is a sunflower or a lamp post. These series of objects that capture a human experience touches me. The way the ironing board has maintained its welts, its scars, tells me more about an African American history than any history text book ever could.

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