Now is the time! We need an idea. Please post 10 ideas by Wednesday so that we can start the 'zine brainstorm. You can include a concept description, what form it may take, etc. Not all your ideas need to be good.....but some of them should be!
AND- BE ON TIME! People have gotten lazy-coming to class late or on occasion, leaving early- please note that I count tardies as half an absence. We need to be in class working together to get this project finished and distributed by the end of the semester!


1.College survival guide for freshman
2.Things to do in Minneapolis
3.Comic book
4.Super hero phone book
5.Surviving family holidays
7.Commentary on historic events
8.Choose your adventure book
10.Cartoon of everyone in class

1 Living in the dorms- the experiences and interactions
2 Mega Bus or Grey Hound Bus experiences
3 Criticism of an aspect of the University of Minnesota
4 Graphic Adaptation of a song
5 childhood fantasy imaginations
6 Interpretation of dreams
7 Pick your favorite fruit and give it life through a story
8 Environmental criticism of our treatment to the Mississippi
9 futuristic depiction of Minneapolis or the U of M
10 Slang- fictional creation story and depiction of word or phrase

1. The world coming to an end
2. Mystical creatures: unicorns, dragons etc.
3. Pokemon theme
4. Hallucinations
5. Dream vacations
6. Sports
7. City life compared to country life
8. Crimes in Minneapolis
9. The 4 seasons
10. College life

1. Sleep
2. Secrets
3. The Dangers of ________ Reefer Madness, but not serious.
4. How to be a lady/gentleman
5. Your favorite song
6. Time Capsule
7. How to grow up
8. The Bus
9. Summer Jobs
10. Not paying attention in class

11. Our Parents

1. Guide to the U of M as a college freshman
2. metrotransit - bus/train experiences in the Twin Cities
3. graphic novel adaptation of play or famous story/novel
4. cartoon depictions of famous art pieces
5. critical look at different art forms (i.e. graffiti) through the use of a graphic novel format
6. Something spoofing/commentating on the Minnesota Daily
7. The world 'Now' through the eyes of our generation
8. a collection of the groups' favorite bands with each page dedicated to what the band is about and their type of music (in a "band survival guide" format)
9. graphic novel look at the War in Afghanistan or Iraq through the eyes of our generation
10. a cartoon depicting the process of applying and getting into college/getting scholarships etc.

1. Celebrity couple breakups
2. High School
3. The life of pets
4. The world in 2030
5. Disneyworld
6. Area 51
7. Pro Sports
8. Pop culture
9. Desserts
10.Spring Jam

1. A how to guide for something
2. Things to do before you die or graduate
3. Funny stories of what you've seen or heard (in cars, on and off campus, etc)
4. Job experiences
5. Relationships
6. Pet peeves
7. Something to do with animals- animal attacks, funny stories, etc.
8. Embarrassing moments
9. Technology- electronic devices, new inventions, etc.
10. Ways to relax- sleep, dance, sing, hanging out with friends, watching TV
11. Commuter and/or airplane stories
12. Classes and professors at the U of M
13. Childhood memories

1. Social commentary on various generations
2. The four seasons and how they correlate to different parts of life
3. Music
4. Intro to college life/ our experiences this year
5. 10 best things about Minneapolis/St. Paul
6. Elements of our lives - each page has a different element from the periodic table and it relates to the topic...
7. Top 10 Vacation Destinations
8. Celebrating the small things in life
9. The environment
10. A joke book

1. The best things about the U of M
2. Things to do in Minneapolis
3. Uptown
4. Summer vacation
5. Favorite Movies
6. representing local musical artists
7. Things we want to accomplish before graduation (doesn't have to be U related)
8. best/worst about high school experience
9. Concerts
10. Favorite Artists/artwork

1. Predictions of what's in the Bermuda/Dragon Triangle.
2. What will happen in 2012? Our predictions to how the world will end ( or survive ).
3. Guide & recommendations for incoming freshmens
4. Like the zine we read in class, I liked the one with the dog -- choose your own adventure, follow them through different pages
5. How would the world be like if we had superheroes/powers
6. "The Best Things Comes in Three"
7. Re-enacting the "Overheard" section of Minnesota Daily
8. How to use slang.
9. Strange fetishes / guilty pleasures
10. The worst & best ways to die / live.

11. Our predictions about the mysterious ( aliens, UFOs, etc)

1 - dreams
2 - god?
3 - restaurant guide
4 - family separation
5 - life's transitions
6 - music
7 - evolution?
8 - climate change
9 - equal rights/gay marriage
10 - are we alone in the universe?

What I really want to do is something with weight and some philosophical merit. I would enjoy this project MUCH more given the opportunity to express an opinion on something that is changing for people right now.

1. ways to relieve stress
2. bizarre dreams
3. college survival guide
4. guilty pleasures
5. secrets
6. different transportation methods in 50 years from now
7. procrastination
8. food
9. most embarrassing moment
10. life in the Twin Cities

I really like the college survival guide for freshmen idea. :D

1. Famous landmarks
2. A New Spin on Old Fairy Tales
3. Films of the Last Ten Years
4. Dancing for Dummies: A How to Guide
5. Body Organs
6. Local Music/Music Venues
7. The Different Personalities of Each Residence Hall
8. Bucket List (Group Collaboration for the list of course)
9. 25 Dating Red Flags
10. What You Could Do/Get Done if Facebook Didn't Exist

1. greasy food
2. secrets
3. embarrassing things
4. life from a bug's eye
5. a world without mouths
6. your shoes and where they take you
7. if we were our parent's parents
8. life as a cartoon
9. stranded on an island
10. how we affect the environment around us. all the toxins etc.

1. Choose your own adventure book
2. Where's Waldo
3. Nightmare on Riverside
4. Life in "Murderapolis"
5. How to skydive
6. Why make a zine
7. Divorce
8. Tattoo's
9. US History
10. Pie's

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