Midterm Paper Assignment: Due March 29th by Midnight!

You can find the paper assignment here

Please email me if you have any questions!


I decided to research Amy Jo for the paper.

Burlesque of North America

I think I'm going to switch to Rain Taxi.

I'll be doing No Coast Craft-o-Rama.

I have chosen to research Tonja Torgerson for my paper

I would like to do Hardland/Heartland.

I will be doing Calpurnia Peach

I am doing Dan Black & Jessica Seamans

I am planning to do Steve Stwalley and Lutefisk Sushi/Cartoonist Conspiracy.

I am doing Art of This Gallery.

My paper will be about Drew Peterson

I plan to research King Mini for my Midterm paper assignment.

I am planning on researching King Mini for my Midterm paper assignment.

I am going to do 27, the graffiti artist.

Changing to Tonja Torgerson.

I will be writing about Travis Hetman for my research paper.

I will be writing about Christoper Williams.

I am doing Burlesque of North America

JUST KIDDING. I am doing BrokenCrow.

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