'Zine Idea #2 Ten Secret Places

If you have agreed to be part of the 10 Secret Places 'zine group, please post 3 or 4 ways in which you could contribute. Be as thorough as possible: Describe the media you propose, the idea you pursue, and a sample if possible. Each of your 3 or 4 proposals should be 3 to 5 sentences.


I would love to do some screen printing for this project since we haven't done much yet. I have an idea for a page I would like to contribute. My idea is to write the coordinates of my favorite places and then have sketches that overlap each other in different sizes. It would be really sketchy and I might even do watercolor in the background very faintly of one of the locations. I'm not much of a writer so I won't help with that, but if anyone needs helps artistically I could help with that. Also putting the actual zine together, I could help with the ordering. Also i could help with the distribution by suggesting places to give out the zines.

I really like your idea with the coordinates of your favorite places. I think it could be really fun to have a whole bunch of different ways to show our 10 unknown places.

I'm totally willing to go out and photograph places. Which I guess involves going to them...so I suppose I could write about them if need be. But since I don't have any places in mind (yet), the people who know of them probably want to write about them.

I like the mixed media stuff people are talking about. I'm willing to draw and collage as well as photograph.

I would like to contribute to this project by sharing my secret place which is the Dinkytown walking bridge (I think I talked a little bit about it last Thursday). I would also like to screenprint so I was thinking about doing a screenprint of the city skyline from the point of view of the bridge because you get a great view from there and that is one of the many reasons why I like it so much. I'm thinking about taking inspiration from Andy Warhol's Brooklyn bridge for this screenprint but yet making it my own of course.

Overall, I would like to take pictures and cut out newspaper (traditional zine) for this project. I would be willing to write reviews, photograph, and/or edit the zine. Whatever capacity I'm needed in I would be willing to fill.

1. Cooke 15- This is low-profile pool in the University system where much pondering can be done. Whether it be thinking about homework, world issues, or what will be eaten later in the day this is the place to it. Maybe in this page (if done) there could be water as a background element.

2. The Whole - This is an alternative study space rather than the busy upstairs of Coffman. The atmosphere down in this space is artsy with a touch of the 70's style basement furniture. The art on the walls is very thought provoking and creates a place to be lost in those thoughts.

3. The River Flats- This area isn't necessarily secret, but I love the outdoors and this place seemed more secluded than any park or open space on campus that I have been to. Whether it be playing a game of some sort or running, walking, or rollerblading on the path along the river provides a nature feel while still being in the city. (Under the 94 bridge is awesome!!! There is graffiti on the pillars holding the bridge above the water.)

I'm not sure if these ideas fit the criteria of a secret place, but they are ones that I have enjoyed while being in my own world.

I would be interested in having a mixed media page in the zine. I would be up for anything really; drawing, photographing, screen printing, collaging, wrting, editing. I think it would be fun to do a page collaberation within the group.

It wold also be cool if we did one type of style per secret place. For example, say we took Laura's idea and used the Whole, the entire page could be collaged with magizines and newspapers, or a page of a place completely hand drawn, or one page with many different layers of screen printed objects, ect.

Sorry to be posting late but I had a few ideas for the 'ten secret places' zine idea.

1- cliff by the river flats- this spot is a nice get away from the city life. It is tucked down by the river and a rock cliff provides a nice shelter for relaxing or reading.

2- bike trail by the river flats- This is probably one of the nicest trails around and I rarely see anybody on it. It runs right along the river and goes by a huge drainage are that during the winter has a huge ice water fall.

3- Mill Ruins- this is a little more well known but many people I have talked to have never been. It is a really nice park that is really beautiful at night when it is lit up. It has ruins from all the old turbines that powered the mills along the Mississippi River.

some more ideas

-Global Market/ lake street in general- the global market and lake street are both just really fun and culturally diverse areas of the city. It might be fun just to do a whole page of different places along lake that are good.

- Guthrie Park- The hill with the path that spirals to the top is a very mental and emotional trip. It is a fun place to go at night and sit on the cobalt blue under-lit benches.

- Bus stop across from central library (for the 16)- there's a camera that is attached to a monitor so you can see yourself in it and dance and do what you do.

- MIA- the glass alcove that extends out of the building on the second floor. Its a really interesting experience during storms or the winter.

I might think of some more and post as I come up with some more ideas. Hope this gives us a start

- The Wienery- It is a small dive restaurant that sells hot dogs and brats with just about anything on them.

- The Himalayan or Franklin Freeze- they are both just cool little restaurants/stores that are on Franklin. The Himalayan has a really good lunch buffet and Franklin Freeze has 24 flavors of soft serve (just a cool outdoor ice cream place).

- The bull statues on St. Paul Campus- these two bulls are very humbling and can be a fun place just to lay back and relax

- Mill City Museum- in the Gold Medal Flour building. It is a interactive museum that combines modern architecture with the historic elements of the building. The building had blown up in a fire a number of years ago so it has been cleaned out and nicely remodeled.

I really want to screenprint- that's a big area of interest to me.

I would like to do some sort of report/photo collage about the marching band. it's a big group that makes the whole world seem much smaller. Whether at home or on a bowl trip, I feel at home because of those people.

I would also like to screenprint a sort of map of a couple areas around middlebrook that are great to just go and chill. People go smoke weed out there all the time but aside from that they're great places to unwind.

Walked by my place today, there was a fence up. Not necessarily preventative for our purposes, but implies that they have had trouble with trespassing in the past. For the sake of not getting caught I seriously would like to replace that on the list. Acceptable?

Last night was AWESOME! So here is a summary of the list of places so far (as I take it, some were taken off the list...)

1. Steam Tunnels (Minneapolis/St. Paul)
2. Dinkytown Bridge
3. Cooke 15
4. The River Flats Cliff
5. ADM Plant
6. Mill Ruins
7. St. Paul Bulls

Were we still wanting to do the construction site behind UV? Also, I take it Boynton is off the list. I was thinking that the additions to these open spots be as follows:
8. Spot(s) around Middlebrook
9. Guthrie Park
10. any other ideas??

It was also brought up last night that we don't necessarily need 10 places because all of the places should be really good that make it on the list, not just places to make a quota.

I propose that the one we do collectively be the ADM plant. (If we still are going to do one together).

I also wanted to do my mock-up of Cooke 15.

My phone #: 612 839-8836

I just typed out the schedule and some of the notes that we come up with in class on Thursday. Hope this helps some of us.

•accordion style
-fold-out map with checklist
-letter on page and map
-every page has thumbnail from map
•hemp binding and tie
•notes section
•two pages for each
•every person does one page
-review of each
•screen print cover and map
•heavy card stock for cover
•more flexible for map

Thursday 15th
Cooke 15
Cliff River Flats
Dinky Town Bridge
Construction Site
ADM Plant

Thursday 22nd
Mill Ruins
Guthrie Park
Steam Tunnels

On Your Own
St. Paul Bulls

I think that if we can try to visit the Guthrie Park and Mills Ruins during class Thursday that would be a lot of help. Later that night, if people are free, it might be fun to check out the steam tunnels. See you next week.

Hey guys, i think we should post our phone numbers up in case we need to contact each other for information or just anything to do with the project. I think we are having an amazing time and I'm getting really excited for this project! It's going to turn out fantastic! We should really try to visit more places like case said. Also, I think we mentioned visiting somewhere Tuesday night? Is that still happening or has it been moved to Thursday night?

haha totally forgot---(630)290-0952

I think we were originally going to visit the ADM plant this Tuesday but we changed that to last Thursday. I believe that we are visiting the Mill Ruins and Guthrie Park in class on Thursday so be prepared for that. I'm really excited too!

Hello. I was sick on Thursday so I was not in class.I feel liek I can be the person that works wherever. I enjoy photography so I would be willing to take pictures and contribute to the zine in that way. I do have a digital camera. I also enjoy planning things and orgranizing them so I can do that as well. I really like our topic and I can see it moving in some really interesting directions. I'm glad people have already contributed some ideas as to cool places around the city because I am less familiar with it. However, I would be able to find a few neat places. Seeing as we are showing different places, I think there should be a lot of photos and pictures in the zine. My number is (218) 791-4407

Ok. Here's what I got so far.

1. Steam Tunnels (Minneapolis/St. Paul)--> (Max)
2. Dinkytown Bridge --> (Jackie)
3. Cooke 15 --> (Laura)
4. Marching Band --> (Chris)
5. Cliff by the River Flats -->?
6. ADM Plant --> (Collective)
7. Mill Ruins --> ?
8. St. Paul Bulls -->(Somebody from St. Paul)

I think we have a pretty good list so far. Some of us on Thursday night agreed that the places on the list should be somewhat permanent so we were thinking of taking the Construction site of the list. Of course, the list is subject to change and If others think that the places above are not good enough then we can talk about it more on Thursday.

Also, like Laura said we technically don't need 10 places..after all we are going for Quality not Quantity. However, that being said, the reason I wanted to keep the list at 10 is so each person can do a layout for one site, with one left over (preferably the ADM plant) that we can work on together.
So for the 9th place, I think we all agreed on Guthrie Park. For the 10th place, I liked Case's idea of the bus stop for the 16...I think it's quirky and I don't think many people know about it. I like the fact that one can have a secret place in the middle of a crowded city (i.e. bus stop). Other than that does anybody have any other suggestions for the 10th place?

Jackie: 612-719-4192

That sounds good with the bus stop for the 16. Could we also visit this spot on Thursday?

(With that said, in advance, do we need to have money to use the buses that day to get to the places we need to be?)











All right. Here are the pictures. Had to split 'em up and make two accounts since there were too many (dumb). And they got mixed up (DUMB). But yeah. If you want me to email you the actual files, tell me which ones you want and I'll do JUST THAT (they should have the file names on there). I'ma be outta town this weekend though, so don't expect stuff back til Monday.

River, Bridge, Cooke 15, ADM Plant:

Mill Ruins, Gold Medal Park:

Could you send me DSC_0067 (you and Case in the pool) and DSC_0070 (the pool view). If you could send those to me over email that would be great! Thanks!

Alright, here's a summary of what was done today with allocation of tasks:

1. Dinkytown Bridge - Jackie - A
2. Cliff - Dana - B
3. Marching Band - Chris - C
4. Cooke 15 - Laura - D
5. Steam Tunnels - Max - E
6. ADM Plant - Will - F
7. Gold Medal Park - Case - G
8. (What Ashley decides to do..) - Ashley - H
9. Nicollet (sp?) Island - Maria - I
10. Mill Ruins - Tina - J

The letters after correspond to what it will be on the map and on the front of your page. (Don't put letter on yet because Dana is going to make a patch for all of us to use)

Other Special Projects:
~Cover Art (similar to US passport)- Will and Tina
~Map - Max (if your location is difficult to find please email max an area or a thumbnail of the location - his email is above in Dana's post.)
~Patch - Dana
~I'm not sure if people volunteered to bring in more buttons to aid in Dana's collection....post your willingness : )
~Logos - Chris
Summary of Logos:
1. Scenic
2. Best at night
3. Difficult access
4. Illegal
5. Beware of crazies
6. Unexpected
7. Difficult to find
I'm not sure if there are anymore. If you feel there needs to be more post 'em.

Just a reminder:
~If you are screen printing anything please schedule a time with Jenny to go in on Tuesday morning to make digital forms or whatever is needed.
~Also, final copies of all pages are due next Thursday the 29th. This means one 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper (with 1/2 inch left for binding) hotdog style (if have questions, ask 'em)

Jackie and I have volunteered to help cut paper on Tuesday morning, if others want to help that would be great! What time on Tuesday were we thinking? 9/9:30 am???

If there is anything left out or that needs to be clarified, just say so...

Hey guys, my friend says he knows of this really cool place and is going to take me there to check it out, so I'm probably going to do that spot, I'll fill everyone in.

Hellloooo. Ok, I no longer can make it on Tuesday to help out, I just found out I have a final! But, I will have my finished zine on Thursday! Thanks Dana for the sweet pictures!!!

I made stamp images to put on the front of our pages...I tried to make them look like passport stamps, since that's what we were kind of thinking for the cover. I'll email them to you, based on the letter assignments above. Let me know if there are any problems, with format or whatever. I can change the color or rotate them if you like (or, you know, you could).

If nobody likes them, no worries, it didn't take me too long, I can try something else.

Also- does anyone know how to get ahold of Chris? We never got his email written down.

P.S. My computer is schizophrenic and can't decide what email it sends from...so if you get an empty 'graphics revolution' email from a mookau or danakautto, that's me.

How big should we print off the design?? The one I printed off is huge!

Um. I don't know. It's supposed to go on the front flap of each page, yeah? They're all the same (minus the letter), so they'll be unified no matter the size I think.

Would you be willing to print me off my stamp, because it seriously was the size of a normal sheet of paper...I'm not sure how to correct this problem on my own. If you could do that and bring it to class for me that would be great!

Unfortunately I can't make it in tomorrow either. I forgot I had to volunteer that day. Are people still coming in? It sounds like nobody is...

so i decided to put "while you are here...you should check out these places" on the inside part of my layout. It didn't fit on the outside since I'm adding pictures. I hope its not too big of a deal.

So my friend got really busy and wasn't able to take me to the place with the cool view. I decided to do the basement of Biomed library in Diehl Hall because I had no idea it existed before finals. I snapped some pictures and am currently working on my zine. PS are the zines going to be black and white?

Hey all,
I just wanted to drop a post to let you guys know my "secret" place is actually the chair on the left side of the middle aisle in the second row of the Cedar Cultural Center.
That may sound crazy specific, but I've sat in that same spot 6 out of the 7 times I've seen a show there.
I decided to do this because it's a place I love going to and the fact that it is a specific chair in the room is a little quirky, which I like.

I was also wondering what exactly do we plan on doing during class time tomorrow?

We are going to have two teams of screen printers consisting of 3-4 people (some printing and others cutting paper and stuff.) Then the other people will be photocopying the actual zine pages people bring into be able to bind them for a later date. I can assign people some tentative jobs to do. We can adjust them in class to accommodate people's preferences.

I would prefer to photocopy the pages and help assemble them...Can people also remember to bring change because I'm not sure if we can photocopy for free. I'll talk to Jenny though.

I forget, once folded do we need anything on the back of our page?

Yep, you need a notes section and then some suggested places around the area if you have any...

I have enough buttons.

Just letting everyone know that I got 400 ft. of hemp yesterday and will bring it to class on Thursday.

This is very last minute but are people still going in tomorrow morning? If so, what time?

Yeah, we are. People are getting there between 9:30 and 10:00

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