Assignment #2 Digital/Manual Madness

Graphics Revolution: Assignment #2
Digital/Manual Madness

Create a piece that uses similar sources and content to create two components, one of which exists in the digital realm and the other of which you can make multiples of and could be considered more of a low-brow object that serves as a document, souvenir, wearable, street art piece or animated version of the first piece (t-shirt, record cover, post-card, comic, animation, etc.). Take advantage of technology to do this! You should be able to disseminate the second piece and you should have a plan to do so. Be sure you are thinking of this as you work on the concept for your project.

You are asked to learn and use at least one new technology for this assignment. Get going early so you have time for mistakes and help!

Examples: a print gets cut into pieces and turned into a stop-motion (Nathan Melz), a Flash animation drawing is laser-cut into wood and printed on shirts (Jenny Schmid), a print is turned into a packaged product and an infomercial (Tim Krause),

Take risks, learn something new and put it to use!
Transfer/reuse/reconfigure imagery in inventive ways
Think conceptually about the relationship of the two pieces and be able to talk about it!
Make multiples and distribute them (can be digital multiple)
One of the pieces should be physical/object based

Some Technologies:
Laser cutter, vinyl cutter, Illustrator live trace, CNC router, stop motion & animation

Tim Dooley and Aaron Wilson (Midwest Pressed), Piotr Szyhalski, Carlos Amorales, Enrique Chagoya, Drive By Press, Beauvais Lyons, Biafra Inc., Ben Brockman, Bittercomix, Sue Coe, Tromarama, Philagraphika, etc.

2.19. Finish critique and introduce project.
Reading: Stencil Pirates Intro and Graffiti writing by Josh MacPhee
Be prepared with sources and sketches!

2.21. Come to class ready to share work by one artist who works between hand and digital work. Bring sketches for your work as well as any source materials. You must check at least ONE library book out of the library. Preferably ten!
Project ideas discussion, laser cutter demo

2.26. CNC Router 1:30 (be on time, like every day)
Reading discussion
Illustrator, Live trace, Flash drawing and basic animating

2.28. Visiting Artist Ben Brockman
Please preview his work here

Homework: iMovie tutorial if you have not used it before

3.5. Relief printing and screenprinting onto shirts
3.7. Work day- Jenny in Iowa, sub will be present
Layla Ali speaks at Weisman Art Museum

3.12. Work day
3.14. Project due, critique
Spring Break: Disseminate Work

3.26 Report on project dissemination, new assignment introduced
3.28 Midterm portfolios due (re-do flip book if necessary)

Find Illustrator live trace instructions here!


Link to Mike's Comic -- "Tacocat's Tophats":

Here's a link to the animation part of my screen prints!

Link to Mike's same Comic as above -- "Tacocat's Tophats"

--BUT-- this one's not a GIGANTIC file,

So Please Do go ahead and Click this VVV, THX

Part 2 of my digital version of the project:

Part 1 of the digital series - posters:

Blog for the dissemination portion of my 'Real' project

Alec Ortiz project 2 gif
Everything is on the Sir Chives Facebook page

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