Assignment #3: Open Source Graphics 2013


In the spirit of Carlos Amorales' liquid archive, this project draws on the creative braintrust of the class as source material for projects which will have varied outcomes. This assignment takes advantage of an archive of images in order to quickly generate imagery for animation, installation or live projection. It demands your creative ability to remix or repurpose existing images. Again, you are asked to try something new and think critically about content for this project.

For this project you will generate a set of 5 black and white silhouettes, stencil-like images, halftone images (for photo based images) or bold drawings for other group members to use in a project. Please generate imagery that is within your style or approach but that is simple enough to use in a range of graphic media. Please submit high-quality (300 dpi) PSD, jpeg (for halftones) or Illustrator files to share.

-Images should be vector, clean images or have a halftone if you are using photographic materials
-Images can be found or collaged (please do not borrow images directly without any reworking or interpretation. Please draw if you can!)
-Images must be considered. Please put some effort into the uniqueness and quality of your generation of materials. I will consider the 5 images with your project and you will be partially graded on your effort to create engaging source materials.

You may use, combine, animate and collage images freely from any images in our generated archive and work alone or in groups of two or three to do one of the following:

Options for display
-Perform as livedraw/animation project projection
-Assemble a short animation in flash or other animation program
-Create a print installation using the multiple to create impact(screen or relief)
-Create a multi-media piece (consult me before pursing this)

You are encouraged but not required to collaborate or offer performance support to another member of the class. Groups will be asked to evaluate others in the group.
You will be asked to consider and be aware of your narrative and content

3.26. Finish Critique and report on dissemination of works
Presentation on assignment, artist and student examples
Develop general theme for vector image generation

Turn in all projects for midterm meetings on Thursday- physical and links or flash drives for animations or .gifs or other digital works
(If you send an email with links, please send one and put "midterm portfolio graphics revolution" in the subject line)

3.28. Bring in 10 to 20 ideas and book sources for vector images
Small group meetings and work on vector images- draw, scan, etc.
Please try the cintiq tablets in the estudio if you haven't yet!

Reading assignment: Vik Muniz "Art in the Age of Manual Reproduction"

4.2. Reading discussion, Mid-term meetings

Vector files due- bring a flash drive to drop off and pick up files from each other
Label files as lastname01.jpg (or whatever file type), etc. i.e. schmid01.jpg,, etc.

4.4. Intro to livedraw and MAW
Mid-term meetings continue

4.9. More with livedraw, possible mid-term meeting wrap up
4.11. Possible guest, Jenny at Vanderbilt

4.16. Workday, in progress critique
4.18. Project presentations- please post a link below

4.23. Final project introduced


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