Assignment #3 Open Source Graphics

For this project you will generate a set of 5 black and white silhouettes, stencil-like images, halftone images or bold drawings for your classmates to use in a project. Please generate imagery that is within your style or approach but that is simple enough to use in a range of graphic media. Please submit high-quality (300 dpi) PSD, jpeg (for halftones) or Illustrator files to share.

You may use, combine, animate and collage images freely from any images in our generated archive and work in groups of two or three to do one of the following:

-Livedraw performance
-Flash animation (posted online)
-Hand-printed project (polyester plates, laser matrices, screenprinting) installed
-Zine, comic, CD or DVD (published in an edition to share with class)
-Any combo of the above
-Other proposal (run it by me)

Please discuss and decide your content together. You may employ the highest and lowest forms of reproductive print technologies, but please work to find a result that is engaging and please contribute solidly to your group and be reliable in your participation!!!

10/30: Laser cutter appointment with Mark K., using the laser in printmaking
Wrap up discussion: Midwest Pressed and Johanna Drucker
Distribution element completed- check in on final distribution

11/1: Presentation: Open source image-making
Reading Assignment
Form small groups through discussion or randomly?

11/6: Midterm meetings- bring these projects to class for your meeting:
-Flip book and GIF (should be posted online)
-Twins Separated at Birth (finalize and review/complete requirements)

Draft drawings or digital images of image contribution due for small group critiques
Meet with potential groups

11/8: Images due for archive sharing
Demo: Digital substrates in printmaking, polyester plates, monoprinting with silhouettes and stencils.

11/13: Demo: Livedraw
Group work

11/15: Demo: Basic Flash animation
Group work day

11/20: Possible field trip day

11/27: Group work day
11/29 Group work day, final individual assignment introduced

12/4 Project due, critique, self review and peer reviews of project participation


in class we figured out groups for project 3.
here's what we determined in class on 11/1:

Bailey, Mary, Jen V.

Chase, Kieran, Alex

Fred, Andrew, Maxwell

Alix, Joree, Ashley

this is all still up for discussion if you feel like switching around, be direct and talk about it!

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