Final Project and Calendar

For your final project, please create a piece that incorporates some of the skills and approaches that have emerged from Graphics Revolution (!). Please propose something reasonable for the time period given and please have an idea ready for 11.6.12. so I can give you feedback/suggestions.

Our final exam and critique is on Monday 12/17 from 10:30 to 12:30. No late projects will be accepted. I encourage you to continue to work between digital and manual manifestations and to continue to explore experimental media that incorporates print media in some way. Make something you really want to make but be sure your craft and concept are both strong.

We will have a final exam as well, which will be revealed on the 12/11 and presented as part of final critique on the 17th. It will not be excessively time-consuming but will be a conceptual puzzle that relates to the class, which I think will stimulate our final discussion.

Final Calendar
12.4.12. Critique of Open Source Graphics project
Approximate Schedule:
Kieran Alex Chase 1:30-2:30
Mary, Bailey and Jen 2:30-3:00
Ashley, Alix & Joree 3:00-3:30
Fred & Andrew 3:30-4:15

(if we have extra time we will talk more about final projects)

12.6.12 Discussion of final projects, work day

12.11.12. Work day, final exam revealed
12.13.12. Study day, no class
Note- after this day the print shop is technically closed and being cleaned. You are required to have all screens perfectly clean by the final exam time, no exceptions and this is part of your grade. If you do need to continue to work in the print shop please let me know and be very neat. You also cannot work during final exam periods for the other classes.

Monday 12/17 10:30 to 12:30 Final Critique and exam presentations REQUIRED
Weds. 12/19 Any physical work available for return in the clean room/print area

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