Flip Book Assignment Arts 3490/5490 Schmid

Due September 25th: One print on whole sheet of paper, one book bound
(I REALLY suggest you print more for presents, shows, trading, distraction, etc.)

Create a small flip book with at least 40 pages. You can use found (and altered) imagery, your own drawing or a previously created print that you scan in and alter. You may work as big or small as you wish, but remember to leave some extra space for binding. Two color screen-printing is the primary medium for this project. If you prefer to work with another print-based medium, please let me know. We will use basic (kinko's) binding

Draw the first frame and the last frame and fill in the middle
Every 5 frames should be about a second
Use text, collage, original art or photographic images--make sure it reflects your aesthetic
Give it some humor/meaning/play or surprise either in the content or movement. You can be political and reflect on current events or use historical imagery, work abstractly or figuratively- the content is up to you, but give it some surprise and be able to discuss it in class.
Keep your idea simple, especially if working small
Please make one page that you will cut into a flip book and one page that shows your sequence without cutting it up (a print)

Everyone should be up to speed with the following by the end of this project:
Scanning, Basic PhotoShop, Cintiq Tablet, Screen-printing, Resolution
Printing with the digital printers onto transparency and non-traditional media

History of Flip Books

Some related artists:
Nathan Melz
Stacey Steers Flip book published by Shark's Ink
(see youtube links at bottom of page to see it flip!)

9.11.12. Scanning and basic Photoshop demo, DSB demo, card info and screen checkout
9.13.12. More computers, Cintiq tablet, Papers, layout, Willie Cole talk 7:00 BE THERE!
9.18.12. Rough mock up and ideas discussion (have something to show us) work day
9.20.12. Work day, computer work, printing, binding
9.25.12. Project due, discussion


Fellow Flipbookers;
I don't know if this contact sheet idea will work with this process but I am going to try it. The suggestion cited used video made into stills but I am just going to try it with photoshop images. If you want to try see: Photojojo's DIY Photo Flip Book also under make your own Fancy Flip Book: I could not staple the page but the site is: http://content.photojojo.com/diy/photoshop-photo-flipbook/
It may save time on sizing??
best luck,
Mary Houston

Just now realized I'm supposed to post this!
You must click on the white space where the photo should be to see the animation.


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