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Readings for 9.27.11. Hugh Merrill & Louis Camnitzer

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Please compare and contrast the following readings:

An essay by Hugh Merrill is here

and "Printmaking: A Colony of the Arts" by Louis Camnitzer is here

Jose Roca Reading for Tuesday 9.13.11

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Advanced Printmaking, T, Th 1:25- 4:15

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Office hours E277 T. 12:00-1:00 by appointment

Advanced Printmaking is a class for self-motivated and engaged students. It is designed to help you build a portfolio of work by giving you critical feedback in a demanding environment. Students from this class have continued on to receive The Jerome Grant, get into top MFA programs, start collaborative presses and exhibit at competitive galleries.

Although some of you may have taken this class before, this semester we will focus on a few things:
1. Developing a body of work that will allow you to exhibit, compete for grants or get into graduate school.
2. Building a vocabulary of critical theory in conjunction with your creative work.
3. Access regional print institutions/artists
4. Work with visiting artists and learn photo-lithography while doing it.
5. Research new directions in printmaking, from techniques to conceptualizations of the medium.
6. Have a great time doing all of the above

You are asked to take a risk with your work, push yourself to gain technical proficiency and give critical feedback to your fellow students. The goal of this class is to prepare you to work as a professional artist or at the level of a graduate student.

This semester, one year after hosting the MAPC "New World/Old World" conference and six months after the seminal exhibition "Philagrafika," we will look critically at the current state of printmaking in the context of contemporary art and society.

Artists Michael Barnes and Michael Krueger will be here in early November and there are many local contemporary print exhibitions this Fall. This will give us points of departure for our collaborative research on the current state of printmaking. Our question is not "is printmaking still relevant" (it is and it is our job to keep it that way!) but rather "how does print function in a post-digital world?" We will look at printmaking expansively.

Events this semester include Alumni Drew Peterson showing at the Chambers Hotel Gallery, MIX Indie Publishing event at the Soap Factory and Vincent Stall show at Burlesque of North America, among others.

Continuous production during the semester, including using class time productively and getting materials to get working immediately
A mid-term meeting and final portfolio
Participation in Michael Barnes and Michael Krueger print events.
Attend a local print exhibit and review it for the class
Participate enthusiastically in class discussions and critiques
Enter one juried exhibition or competition
Show respect in the studio for your fellow students and materials. Ask any and all questions and be sure to set an example for the beginning and intermediate students.

Note: Please be on time. More than three absences and your grade will begin to drop

For Thursday, please bring 2 of your own images or original works and show us 3 works by a contemporary artist who employs print in some way, with work from the last 5 years. (Extra points for bringing in a book that you actually checked out from the library). Suggestions for research include the IPCNY site, Philagrafika site, Davidson Galleries, Printeresting, Shark's Ink Press, etc.

**Talk about your work in relation to the artist you select as well as your goals for this class.

Calendar- the beginning
9/6 Introductions
Get set up with drawers, screens, materials
9/8 Present on your work and three works by another artist
4:00 bohemian press meeting in print area
Reading assigned from Philagrafika catalog, Weisman history
Assignment Introduced: Kill the Matrix: hybrid architecture project

9/13 Discuss Reading, Weisman project, Share images, ideas
Review of computer techniques for screen/digital/etc., trip to DSB

9/15 Photopolymer plate demo
Work on individual projects and Weisman projects

9/20 Slide Lecture: Printmaking and Multi-Media
9/22 Work day, Screen stretching as needed

9/27 Demo: Chine Colle and Digital
9/29 Shoot Weisman screens, get set up for event

Sunday, 10/2 12:00 to 5:00 Live Screenprinting Event at Weisman Grand Opening

10/4 Critique, Kill the Matrix
10/6 Introduce next assignment, reading

Opening October 8th: "Things You Carry" art and installation by Vincent Stall!
1101 Stinson Blvd NE suite #2, Minneapolis, MN 55413 ยท

10/11 Slide Lecture, reading discussion
10/13 Demo, Work Day

10/18 Work day
10/20 Work day

After this we will learn photolithography and work with visiting artists. I will also introduce media as per your request (see questionnaire).

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