April 20, 2009

Lecture on Print Community Links!

You can see my notes and links for my talk on print community here:

April 9, 2009


here's the link to the video

here is the link to the This American Life episode I talked about in class today. the part about ortolan dish is in the second section, maybe about 15 minutes in. there is also a good section about eating a live shrimp at sushi that you should all check out


February 28, 2009

installation ideas and other stuff

I totally love the library. Here’s an interesting artist I found there who has a sweet website and is interesting installation artist originally from Buenos Aires
Her monsters are quite disturbing; fun to look at…explores some pretty dark themes.

I have been looking at prints from the Japanese artist/printmaker Masuo Ikeda. I think his prints our a great example of using (appropriating) photography images, textures and patterns…online line the work is a little obscure, his books are better. http://www.momak.go.jp/English/exhibitionArchive/2007/360.html

I really like this guy, Italian artist valerio adami. Great color, use of line, (drawings) composition etc…

In regards to our installation…did we talk about the use of mirrors? I found a box of 8 x 11 mirrors, about 20 of them that we could screenprint on. I thought it could be kind of interesting, the looking glass aspect, gazing pools, allowing in the viewer/our audience to put themselves into the fairy tale (character’s faces printed on them, etc.), plus another texture, reflecting surfaces…? I'll bring them in on Tuesday

February 27, 2009

Hey weebly, check it.

This is a thing. Website with simplicity.

weebly.com is the site where you make your own.

As an example of what they look like, mine is junkyard.weebly.com

Take it real.

February 26, 2009

sketchbook art

Moleskine/sketchbook art page:


I just realized how this promotes moleskine as some sort of superior sketchbook. Good for Moleskine, bad for others.

good free high res image stock photos:

February 25, 2009

Who's Who in American Art

This page was listed on my print professor's site from my last school- his works are some of my favorites- but he was included in this website at one point. It's a really cool place to check out current artists based on their specific media and could provide inspiration, maybe with a little more ease than Google.


also, this is a link to my prof's site from Ithaca College-where I first took printmaking


on a different note, the website for my favorite group of painters.


February 24, 2009

shepard fairey sues associated press

well, since i seem to be on a roll posting things here's the article from the huffington post about the shepard fairey, hope poster argument.

and if you want a more credible source, there's a good debate on the colbert report the debate starts at about 2:40

Street Art Stuff

for any of you interested in street art happenings, these are two really good places.

Concrete Canvas- a great place for all things street art.


Can't Stop Running- this one actually just turned into one where you need to be a member, but it has some good interviews with artists...well worth a look around.


Inkteraction Site

This is a printmakers networking site where you can check out artists work and hear about events:
You can also set up your own page and show your work- a great tool if you are thinking about grad school or really digging printmaking!

February 19, 2009

Clive Murphy opening

hey, just wanted to let everyone know about an opening at the soap factory on saturday. here's the post

Almost Nothing - a new installation by Clive Murphy
Opening Reception Saturday, February 21 7 - 11 pm // Exhibition Runs: Feb 21 -
Apr 5, 2009
If you are having problems viewing this email, click here.
Join us for the opening of Almost Nothing, a major new, site specific
installation by New York based artist Clive Murphy. The artist's inflatable
sculptures extend throughout the entire 12,000sq. ft. gallery space provoking
an engagement with the architectural idiosyncrasies of The Soap Factory.
Schmooze with the artist, bring some friends, and enjoy the only heated night
in The Soap Factory this winter!

February 13, 2009

Southern Graphics Conference

Has anyone given any thoughts about going to this conference? I am planning on going and would love to travel together with anyone else who is interested. Also if you register before March1st it is significantly cheaper. I am assuming we have to register to attend, right?

Thoughts anyone?

Here is the link to the conference info:


February 12, 2009

My Influences etc.

I don't have great links, but here are a few artists that I love and you can google them or something.
First, John Waters is one of my greatest influences especially his early work. I really respond to his use of the grotesque and obscene, as well as his blatant references to sex and violence. I think that critiques on these subjects, which in themselves are almost pornographic, lose momentum when the argument is vague, or subtle. The shock value of his work is what gets people to actively respond, which is why I really like his work. http://www.dreamlandnews.com/
Another artist is John Currin, who also works in extremely sexual imagery, but does so with a classical reference. I've always been interested in the line between pornography and art, and why, when its painted its art, but when its a photograph its pornography.
I can't say that Lucian Freud has influenced me but I do like his work. Especially after a grad student in the art history department told me his work was stupid because he didn't paint beautiful women. There is almost an Egon Schiele aspect to his work which is interesting to see in the context of the happy-go-lucky 90's when he was creating a lot of his pieces.

The piece I'm working on for the first assignment is dealing with some death and hell imagery, so if anyone has any suggestions for contemporary artists I'd love to hear them. I've been looking at a lot of bosch, gericault, and pieta scenes, so I would love to get some contemporary influences in it.

February 2, 2009

Cool Sketchbook and Book Blog

Don't forget that the Walker book panel is on Thursday. Its free and I will have some tickets reserved for us. Here is a cool site that has artist sketchbooks and books:

January 30, 2009

Some Artists To Consider

These are links to two artists I have really liked recently. The first is Chris Pell, I don't know much about his background, I believe he is from the Uk. The other is Julia Pott, she's also from the Uk. They both do a lot of drawing as well as animation and some printing.



January 26, 2009

Margaret Hanson looks here for interesting art

Well, I find inspiration to be elusive at times. Sitting down behind my computer and browsing the interweb
can be very fun and useful. So here goes.

You can subscribe to Lost at E Minor and get weekly updates. They also archive all their posts so you can look up the person you want to research further.

Jason Sho Green is an artist based out of Seattle,WA. He is now attending art school, but started out as an engineer of some sort. His work varies from humourous to beautiful but all are very well executed.

Next is Jenny Morstell . She has a webpage you can find too...

Julie Morstad did the cover for Neko Case's Fox Confessor Brings the Flood

and lastly- for this post at least:
Keegan Wenkman- A Minneapolis artist and also Eireann Lorsung

Local Print makers that I know of to "google" :

Amy Jo Hendrickson
Aesthetic Apparatus
Lonny Unitus
Adam Turman
Tooth ( Dale F.)

For music I have been listening to Leadbelly, Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Mississippi Fred McDowell and Mississippi John Hurt and Charlie Parr.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's work,