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installation ideas and other stuff

I totally love the library. Here’s an interesting artist I found there who has a sweet website and is interesting installation artist originally from Buenos Aires
Her monsters are quite disturbing; fun to look at…explores some pretty dark themes.

I have been looking at prints from the Japanese artist/printmaker Masuo Ikeda. I think his prints our a great example of using (appropriating) photography images, textures and patterns…online line the work is a little obscure, his books are better. http://www.momak.go.jp/English/exhibitionArchive/2007/360.html

I really like this guy, Italian artist valerio adami. Great color, use of line, (drawings) composition etc…

In regards to our installation…did we talk about the use of mirrors? I found a box of 8 x 11 mirrors, about 20 of them that we could screenprint on. I thought it could be kind of interesting, the looking glass aspect, gazing pools, allowing in the viewer/our audience to put themselves into the fairy tale (character’s faces printed on them, etc.), plus another texture, reflecting surfaces…? I'll bring them in on Tuesday