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Jenny Schmid
Office hours T. 12:00-1:00

It is an exciting time to make prints, with new media being introduced and traditional media experiencing a renaissance. This class assumes an understanding of the basic traditional media in printmaking and is oriented towards exploring the most current manifestations of our community and practice while pushing the boundaries of the medium.

We will begin with our new letterpress setup and other demonstrations of advanced techniques, particularly those that integrate digital and mixed media processes. We will also read about and look at images that expand printmaking practices and its role in contemporary discussions of art. Although you are asked to incorporate print media in some way, your approach may be very open and the readings and discussions will also be expansive.

This class will allow you the freedom to pursue your work with critical feedback and concepts to facilitate the deepening of your ideas and techniques. You are expected to be very motivated and open your mind in order to take a risk with your work, push yourself to gain technical proficiency and give critical feedback to your fellow students. Critiques are essential to Advanced Printmaking, and they can go on for days.... We will begin by looking at the work of each student in the class and give feedback on the directions they might consider, from technique and media to concept and content.

Students are encouraged to be engaged in the print community and to build their experience by applying for competitions, helping with visiting artist print projects, attending a print conference or organizing an exhibit. Many students have continued on from this course to start print studios (Recess Press), organize exchanges, receive competitive grants (Jerome Grant, Fulbright Grant, etc.) and get accepted to highly competitive M.F.A. programs (UT Knoxville, UGA, Syracuse, Arizona State University, SAIC, etc.).

Undergraduates are expected to be working in your own direction, but with some requirements that are designed to challenge and inspire. Undergraduates will be graded on a mid-term and final portfolio. For those participating in a senior project, you are expected to work beyond the requirements for this exhibition. Graduate students can work more freely and are asked to incorporate print media into their work and participate in critiques.

Your grade is based on the following:
Portfolio: 50%
Evolutionary Abilities (taking risks and responding to suggestions) 20%
Critique/Reading Discussion Participation, Community participation: 20%
Shop Etiquette and Safety (This includes protecting yourself): 10%
You are expected to be in class and on time- more than 3 absences will drop your grade. Critiques are like tests: You must be present to get credit and you must participate.

You are asked to apply to one juried print competition or exhibition, please get on the bohemian press email list to receive notification. Please email Terez to join the mailing list and join the bohemian press facebook page for updates. We are raising funds to go to the Frans Masereel Center in Belgium in the spring and you could join us!

Although this class is pretty open, you will be asked to make a combined media print and there may be other media requirements, but you are mainly asked to work in your own direction. Content is up to you and you are encouraged to work in a series. A final portfolio should contain minimally 5 considered works, with multiple layers or (depending on media) an involved installation or multi-media piece with an equivalent amount of work. You should be self-motivated and working all the time, having new completed work for each critique.

Today: Scotland conference roundup, syllabus, supplies, drawer assignment, shop tour and safety review, look at and be inspired by prints, upcoming events,

For Thursday: Take a print that you already made and place it (or part of it or multiples of it) within walking distance. Pick your location for a reason- you can put it outside or inside, leave it in the library or the Weisman. No vandalism please (we will be loitering around it on Thursday). It should incorporate printmaking in some way (can be stencil or Xerox or however you think of printmaking). Take a picture of it in case it walks away before we can see it. Be ready to talk about it in relation to or as representative of your current work.
FRIDAY: Weisman screen printing event- join us! We will be printing shirts for the masses.
Course Outline (a more thorough schedule will be given for each section)
Part I: Letterpress, laser cutter, polymer plates for intaglio and relief, using relief on Vandercook press
Part II: Introduction to new and recent directions in printmaking- site specific, collaboration, performance, combined media, installation, 'zines, etc.
Part III: TBD Possible exchange folio or exhibition project.

Supplies: Get set up ASAP, ask if you have any questions
Wet Paint 1684 Grand Ave, St. Paul (amazing array of papers)
Utrecht Art Supplies 1601 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis (good prices on 25 packs of Rives or Arches)
Art Materials 2728 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis
MCAD art supply store
Takach Paper (friendly, cheap, good for ordering in bulk)

Print-Related Events/Resources
Highpoint Center for Printmaking

Some community/alumni presses:
Highpoint Center for Printmaking, Leg Up studio (on FB), Recess Press and on FB, Minnesota Center for Book Arts

Graduate student & TA print shop hours
Tuesdays 6:00-8:00 p.m. Mara Duvra
Thursdays 6:00-8:00 p.m. Terez Iacovino
Fridays 12:00-4:00 p.m. Josh McGarvey
Saturday 4:00 to 8:00 through Septermber, 12:00-4:00 after Emily Styles

Screen policy (new!): You are responsible for good care of your screen. If you care for it and clean it in a timely manner, it will be re-usable for future students, which saves time, money and is less damaging to the environment. If your screen cannot be reused at the end of the semester as determined by your instructor or T.A., you will be responsible for purchasing replacement material (approximately $15-$20) and sanding and stretching a screen during a pre-scheduled graduate student shift (listed above).

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  • style014: This is a link to a letterpress demonstration video read more

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