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A moment of reflection on the project

As I discussed elsewhere in this blog, I chose this method of communication for my class project so I could use a web 2.0 tool to examine questions posed in class, express myself, and maybe get a response or two. I am noticing a couple of things as I go along.

For one thing, putting together a blog is both easy and complicated. The basic setup is fairly straightforward. Its when I start to organize it to include the topics I'd like to discuss that it gets a little difficult. We raise a lot of issues in class. Many can (and will) fit in several different categories simultaneously. The list has gotten very long very quickly which looks very busy and I think serves to dissuade readers of blogs. Its a real challenge for me to prioritize and focus my thoughts in a medium that has no space or time restraints. I'm not complaining. Its something like whats going on in journalism generally. I'm feeling my way along like everybody else. Like we discussed in the first class, so many choices make it hard to decide which options are the most useful.

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