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December 15, 2008

Juice - The intelligent discovery engine from Linkool Labs (Available as Firefox plugin)

We've all been there. You started reading something on the Web, saw something interesting in the article, searched for it, wound up somewhere else, and after about 12 hops you've forgotten exactly what it was you were looking for. If only there were some way to select that topic midstream and have the information automatically appear for you, without disrupting your workflow or sending you traipsing off into the wilds of the Web.

If that sounds familiar, you may need a shot of Juice, a new Firefox 3 add-in currently in public beta from Linkool Labs, that makes researching Web content as easy as click-and-drag. In our review of Juice, we concluded that it avoids some of the more traditional stumbling blocks of Semantic apps by taking a very top-down approach focused on a distinct data set.
I'm trying this out. A little weirdness getting used to it...

A Revolution of New Technologies: Web 3.0- An Option for a New Journalism?

This is a link to my final paper for the "Future of News" class taught by Jeremy Iggers as part of the Masters of Liberal Studies at the University of Minnesota. It was a timely class during unprecedented times for journalism, politics, the world economy and...whatever comes next.
Download file