November 9, 2008

Legacy media turns the corner?

No, it hasn't. And what's at stake may be journalism itself.

The transition of US News and World Report from a weekly print publication to a "multi-media digital producer of news" may offer an example for other magazines to follow towards growth and prosperity while providing the news we need to make informed decisions about our lives. I was going to say about our democracy- which is true- but mostly it seems to be about our lives as consumers in a democracy.
Of course, the business model developed by USNWR is based on an established circulation of readers who are in a demographic that has the capability and interest to move from print to on-line, and a solid base of advertisers who see value in buying space on a website with 7,000,000 unique viewers per month.

That is not the case for most daily newspapers or weekly magazines with declining sales and staff reductions due to the rise of on-line news sources like USNWR.

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November 8, 2008

Minnesota Independent

Minnesota Independent