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Free to Fly

I would enter suburbia and let that be the canvas for my ideas of change. The environment has always been a big deal to me, I am a big outdoors man and i love everything nature. It scares me to think about what could happen to our earth if we do not change what we do, or as a country change our habits so that we tread more lightly on this Earth.


I am really interested in residential architecture and how we can implement more good design into suburban America. There has to be ways that the suburbs can be designed better to make the buildings within them more unique. I am sick of driving around where I grew up and seeing cookie cutter houses. I worked construction now for the last three summers and all I have built is different arrangements of the same two floor plan of a house. The construction managers I work with know the wall lengths and where the doors and windows go within those walls by heart. It just shows how boring our suburbs really are that it is possible for that to happen. It allows for faster and cheaper construction which is why companies do it, but the lack of variety is inexcusable. I will not be working for those companies this summer, because I realized why I would be helping make the suburbs more boring, when that is exactly what I want to change. This summer I will be framing for an architecture company up north by my cabin. I will be building designed homes for families that want unique houses in northern Minnesota. One project the main architect in the company is working on at the moment is a house that is built into the trees. The house will use the trees to elevate the home, because in the area that the house will be built it floods in the Spring. I may not get to work on this project because it is still in the early design stages but I am hopeful that I will get to at least talk with the design team and hear what their goals with the design of the structure is.

Even if I was not going to the University of Minnesota I feel I would design with an environmentally conscious mind. I may not have heard of all the different ways you can implement things to design in an eco friendly manner, but I would use what I knew to design in environmentally friendly way. Our environment is unstable and if we do not change how we live our everyday lives there will be terrible consequences to what we are doing. I would design buildings to use ways of heating the water needed for a family on a daily basis by using tubes on the roof to use the sun to warm it up. I’d develop ways to collect the rainwater to use for uses where slightly dirtier water would not matter, such as toilet and sink water.



The suburbs would be a very good place to start implementing some of these eco friendly design ideas. The people that live there have money. Most of them care about the environment, so if you push the products and systems that save the environment, they would be more likely that other groups of people, and corporations to put these systems into their homes. Especially if you can stress how these systems will actually save them on their utilities in the long run. The upfront cost might be high, but there are ways to convince people it would be worth it, and suburbia is as good of a place as any to start this.