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The Goldsworthy Flow

How we live our lives in the city is driven by our surroundings. In the city everything seems to happen at a much faster pace than in nature. I think that Goldsworthy's work depicts the difference between nature and the city very well in his river leaf snakes that he made. They show how fluid things change, and how relaxed of a pace things happen. In the city the flow is driven by how the buildings interfere with our pathways and humans. The obstacles of a city make everything more crowded, louder, and make things move at a faster pace. The energy you get from a city is obviously much different from the energy you get from nature. In nature things are more calming and relaxing, in the city it is stressful and fast paced. I feel that when i am in the woods, i am the happiest. I don't have to worry about anything, and i can just let my mind wander. In the middle of a big city there are too many distractions which would not allow me to do that. Too many other sounds, sights, and smells require attention, that my brain cannot filter through those and just allow me to meditate. Goldsworthy's work allows him to forge these connections with nature that really allow him to free himself of the stresses of everyday life. I wish more cities would find ways to incorporate nature into them, and then maybe the energy and flow of the city would be altered.