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Values Rankings

Answers to the Values Rankings

There are many things that man has placed on this earth that affect our environment. Some are distinct objects, but I feel the one that has the biggest impact on our environment is Big Business. Although it is not a specific man-made object, it was created by man and for man, indirectly making it man-made. Big Business has changed our world in many ways. With their strive for achieve higher profits at every turn it is not surprise that our environment gets pushed to the wayside. Big Business will gladly pollute our environment if that means that they same a few dollars. In their strive for higher profits they have pushed many organizations within their corporations overseas like production, support, and in some cases even management. This means that they are buildings and warehouses where there used to me farms, towns, or even forests. In doing so they are having a profound impact on our environment, both my deforestation, and loosing farmland, but also using resources that could be allocated to better uses on their new buildings.

I am motivated to pursue anyone of the goals, but especially: Universal Primary Education, Combating HIV/AIDS and other diseases, and eradicating extreme poverty and hunger worldwide.

I would like to research this topic in either regions of Africa or Asia.

It needs to be done by policy changes and public awareness. These changes cannot happen without the support of the American public. Design can only go so far in the process of providing equal educational opportunities for all. There are too many aspects of learning that cannot be touched by location and physical space. They need books for the subjects they are learning, paper to write on, pencils and pens in which to write with.

This needs to be a National Awareness across all of America. The support of the American public can provide funds to provide the children what they need to learn such as books, paper, and writing utensils. The amount of money it will take to get these materials disbursed across the world will be very large. As one of the richest countries in the world we should be making a bigger impact on education both worldwide and here in our own countries, which brings me to my final point “The American Education.?

In the USA we do not even provide our own people with equal opportunities to succeed. Some demographics are taught from the time they are born that no matter how many years they go to school, they will never find a better life than that of their parents. This is really too bad because it is the American dream to have a life of happiness and prosperity. To be telling the youth of America they will never achieve anything better is a big problem. I feel that although universal education worldwide is a problem, it is also a problem right here in our own country. We need to reform our education system so that it becomes more universal and also competitive internationally. We are slowly getting passed up by many newly developing countries in quality of secondary education. Something needs to be done both on a National and International scale, the question is how to stimulate that change.