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Service Learning #3

The computer lab was completely empty today for the first hour and a half that I was there. I had my dinner in the computer lab, which consisted of day old macaroni and cheese, and then I worked on studying for 3412. I brought my note cards with because I have a mid-term on Thursday in the class. It was nice to have time to myself without distractions. It reminded me a lot of study hall back in high school. I never seem to be as productive at home in my room as I am in a foreign environment. There are just too many distractions at home. I probably got about twice as much done studying for those two hours volunteering than I would have at home. For the last half hour I had one person in lab. It was an older male checking email and updating himself on his local Somali news stations via the internet. It is really cool how they can get their local news on the internet, that way they don’t have to be completely disconnected from their native regions. At 4pm the lab closed down and I shut down all the computers and headed back to my apartment.