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Service Learning #4 (Final Blog)

Today was a rather productive day at Common Bond. Throughout the afternoon I sporadically helped a teenage girl work on a paper for her ESL class about how and why she felt that the United States needed to set an official language in which everyone needed to adhere by. It was interesting coming from a Somali foreigner, and also really cool to read some of the reasons why they don’t put more effort into learning better English. For most of them it is so different than their native tongues that it is extremely difficult for them to learn and it takes a long time. They feel while practicing around us we make fun of them so that also deters their progress of the language. Another problem she found was that businesses and homes around them speak Somali so why would they need to learn a new language to get about and do their everyday tasks. I did a lot of editing on this paper because much of it did not make too much sense but I think I helped her out, I explained to her why I was changing what I was changing so hopefully I didn’t just follow her views of us and just made fun of her.

When I was not helping that girl I was typing out my Rapid Writings for 3412, and I got all of them typed out in the 3 hours I volunteered today. I was pretty happy to get those done and out of the way.

At the very end I also helped a little boy navigate to www.candystand.com because he was having difficulties typing it out and getting to play the game he wanted to. He was really cut and it was fun playing mini-golf with him online.