Pumpkin-Cranberry Thumbprint Cookies
For this assignment, I started by doing a lot of internet research into different categories of cookies and asked people around me what weird kinds of cookies they loved. I was ultimately inspired by my love of christmas cookies and my love of everything pumpkin. I have always loves my grandma's recipe for thumbprint cookies with jam in them, and wanted to do something similar with unique flavors.


I chose to do a pumpkin based cookie using pumpkin pie filling, adding oats and nuts for texture. I wanted to pair something more exciting with this than just cream cheese frosting, so I explored a variety of fruit flavors. After researching pumpkin flavor pairing online, I narrowed down my window to try cranberry, apple, and chocolate.

IMG_3003.JPG IMG_3005.JPG

I based the recipe for the cookie base off of my grandma's christmas cookies. I mixed everything together and baked them, taking them out in the middle to create the depression that the jam would sit in.

IMG_3006.jpg IMG_3008.jpg

I had my roommates do some taste testing to see which flavor pairing was best, and we all picked the raspberry-cranberry preserves. This was the most striking and complementary of the three choices.

IMG_3010.JPG IMG_3011.jpg Finished.jpg

The cookies turned out with good texture and flavor, I had no issues with form or cooking since I based them off of an existing recipe. I ended up with a unique flavor combination and an intriguing form for my cookies.


I liked your idea to ask people around what weird cookies they loved, and I would have liked you to mention a few examples of those. For your starting point, i.e. pumpkin Christmas cookies, I completely understand that you wanted to experiment with something you love, though it seems a bit within your comfort zone.

Personally I'm quite unfamiliar with pumpkin cuisine (unfortunately we don't have any pumpkins in Iceland), so a few extra words of clarification on the "just cream cheese frosting" part would have been nice.

I did like the part of adding oats and nuts into the dough and the cookies look very appealing, but the number of variations seem a bit limited (3 types of toppings) and perhaps a bit safe as well. But then again I have no idea what goes with pumpkins :)

It would have been nice to see the baseline recipe from your grandma, but more importantly, your final recipe is missing.

Hello, the idea of using roommates as taste testers was a good idea! It is also good to see your sketchbook/ideation process. However it would be nice to have a clearer picture of the sketchbook and to have an explanation of everything that is going on in that picture. Also it would be good to know the final you came up with for the cookies.


Your process as it went is quite well documented in both text and photographs. I very much like your mention of research into cookie recipes and the specifics of pumpkin flavor pairing. Those combine with your consultations and sketch process to show considerable thought.

Not know more about the original recipe, it is difficult to determine how much change or experimentation was present in your effort. I think that pumpkin and oats would both have been changes from your base recipe. Documentation of that would be helpful.

As stated above, the final recipe is lacking.

Note: Might be really good if you tried Cranberry-Raspberry Cream Cheese filling. :-)


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