One of my favorite things to do while working on homework is watch movies with my roommates. We have a big collection of VHS and DVDs, many of which are movies from our childhood. To get in a playful state to create my winter mind map and come up with some silly ideas, we watched 21 Jump Street and the Lizzy McGuire movie. Watching movies like this always makes me laugh and helps me relax while working on my To-Do list, and usually leads to reminiscing about when we were younger and goofing off.

I chose several different color pens to use while working on my mind map, letting each color stand for a different level of the map. This led to a visually organized map, which is easily understood even though the ideas may be chaotic on the page. Three of my subthemes were Christmas, Outdoor Clothing, and Home Cooked Food.

Mind Map


After I was satisfied with my mind map, I used association mapping to come up with a list of silly ideas related to some of my subthemes. I tried to just write a list of ideas as quickly as possible, not caring how practical or realistic they were. I would look quickly at my map and pick out 2 subthemes and try and relate them somehow into a product or idea. After I had a list of about 25, I went back and picked out 10 I could easily visualize. From there, I quickly sketched out what I thought they would look like, noting any specific materials or features I though each idea would include.

Boot Plow
These boots are to keep your hands free and warm while shoveling, as well as to give your toes some leverage in breaking up tough ice chunks.


Chapstick Fingers
These gloves help combat dry chapped winter lips, while guaranteeing you won't wash or lose your chapstick. It's always at your fingertips!


Cough Drop Pez
Keeping your cold remedies fun and in the holiday spirit.

Thumbnail image for sketch-3.png

Frost-Be-Gone Mittens
These mittens help get rid of that tricky frost that can form on the inside of your windshield.


The Slush-Brella
No more surprise frozen showers while waiting for this bus with this body length, heavy duty body shield.


FlakePhoto Camera
Capture the beauty of natural patterns found in snowflakes with this high speed, heavy duty digital camera. It allows you to digitize the patterns you find in nature!


Tissue Scarf
Never worry about a runny nose while on the go again, you always have a tissue right where you need it. Hands free!


Snowshoe To Go
Don't struggle with big, chunky boots again on the walk to class. You can snap these snowshoes onto any footwear and easily get through any amount of snow.


Boot Grips
These grips are adaptable to any kind of shoe, and will cure your fear of black ice. These will create traction on any winter surface and keep you from falling.


Mitten Mobile Screens
These mittens will wirelessly connect to your mobile device and allow you to use your favorite apps hand free. It uses an interface that is built to be used with your nose, so no more cold finger tips.



Hi, Katherine!

Your blog post feels sleek and polished, and I greatly enjoyed reading it. In regard to your brainstorming, I commend you for coming up with more than 10 ideas and then narrowing down your options. The description of your process is brief and exceedingly clear. Your drawings are clean, legible, and had relevant annotations. The high contrast on your photos allows them to seamlessly mesh with the white background of your blog.

There is some room for improvement though. I found myself wanting to see your original list of ideas. It would have been worth including.

Your mind map seems preplanned. The concentric circles of color are easy to read, but the preselected subcategories may limit the tool’s ability to help you make unexpected connections.

All of your ideas were created using a single approach. They all seemed to be binary combinations of categories from your mind map. If you removed this self-imposed restriction, you could reach an even greater variety of product ideas.

Overall, your blog was exemplary and stylish. I look forward to seeing the ideas you develop later in the semester. I’m certainly interested in the Tissue Scarf!


Hello Kathy,
Nice job on the mind map, it is so much easier to see what you were doing by having each level of your map a different color; however I feel like changing colors constantly might slow you down a bit. Perhaps one way to keep your ideas flowing but organized would be just to write everything as soon as it comes to mind and then highlight or underline sub themes afterwards when you feel like you have enough on the page. As the previous poster mentioned it might feel pre-planned because all of your themes go to three levels, I don't think you have to limit yourself like this, if you really enjoy a category why not expand it to 4, 5, or 6 levels?

I thought your techniques for coming up with products was nuance. I like what you did because you picked different combinations of sub-themes around your mind map rather than just narrowing in on the same 2 sub-themes, and as Barry mentioned by coming up with more ideas you get better ideas. It was smart of you to make 10 sketches from the best of 25 ideas, rather than drawing sketches for the first and only ten ideas. Also I could tell you probably increased the contrast of your mind map which helped make it easier to read.

Your ideas are really creative and came out very useful especially for someone who can be out in the snow for 8 hours skiing. I can't tell you how bad it is to be on a freezing chairlift and having to take off my gloves so I can reach into my pocket to get a tissue, chap-stick, or answer a phone call or text telling me where my lost ski buddies are meeting up). I'm not kidding I would buy these in a heartbeat. Also I actually have boot grips at hope, they stretch onto shoes, my family used them while shoveling ice off of the driveway or even just to go on a walk and on an icy day. I don't think it's not creative, if anything the boot grips and your other ideas are a testament to your ability to see (observe) problems and find cool ways of solving them. Just from the products you came up with it's easy to see that you are an empathetic person.
You made a great entry!



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