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Updated Problem Statements

Problem Statement 1
Janelle, a 24 year old U of M student and Landcare worker, needs a way to work safely and keep her feet comfortable, because she works long shifts on her feet outside in the snow.

Problem Statement 2
Lindsay, a 22 year old U of M student, needs a way to easily get around campus in winter, because she doesn't want to sacrifice her stylish footwear for the protection of snow boots.

How Might We... Statements

How Might We... Statement 1
How might we work long hours outdoors in the winter without our feet getting tired?

How Might We... Statement 2
How might we transport students to class in the wintertime, in style?

The Group

Kathy: Facilitator
21, Student, Graphic Design
Occupation: Retail, Graphic Designer

Kasi (yellow)
28, No College
Occupation: Waitress

Shaina (purple)
20, Student, Graphic Design
Occupation: Waitress, Web Designer

Erin (blue)
25, Student, Sociology
Occupation: Facilities Management

Sarah (pink)
19, Student, Biology
Occupation: None

Andrew (green)
22, Student, Sociology
Occupation: Custodian

Warm Ups

When the group first got together, I introduced them to the two How Might We Statements we'd be working with. I also ran through a few examples from the lecture powerpoint to give them a little more background on what exactly I expected from them during the brainstorming sessions. From there, I gave them their supplies (different colored note cards and markers) and had them draw out a few ideas for each problem. The results were pretty generic, and most of the ideas were the same. For example, several people came up with having a dog sled or Santa's sleigh as a solution.

Invented Activity
After introducing the problems, I had the group play an improv activity. We played a combination of props and red ball. The participants had to pass an object around (such as a paper clip and a straw), coming up with new uses for it (other than what its intended use was). Each person would create a new use, and the person they were passing to would have to recognize and understand this new use before they could accept the object. The group played this game using three different objects, for a total of 5 minutes per object.

Brainstorming Session 1
For the first session the group brainstormed using the first How Might We Statement. (How might we work long hours outdoors in the winter without our feet getting tired?). The group worked on this for a little over 20 minutes, each person passing me their new idea once they had it written or sketched out on a notecard. We read through all of the ideas at the end right before we did voting.

Idea Sort & Voting
I had the group do a silent sort of ideas, similar to what we did in class. Everyone moved the notecards into groups and after about 10 minutes there were pretty clear categories. These ended up being "boot modifications," "alternative shoes," and "out of the box solutions." After the ideas were sorted, I had everyone pick the three ideas that they thought were the most creative. They did this by placing a post it on their favorite ideas.

5 Ideas From Brainstorm 1

Idea 1- Memory Foam Moon Boots


Idea 2- Water Bed Boots

i (1).png

Idea 3- Jet Pack Shoes


Idea 4- Heated Biodome


Idea 5- Cat Paw Shoes

c (1).png

Brainstorming Session 2
For the second session, the group brainstormed off of the second How Might We Statement. (How might we transport students to class in the wintertime, in style?). I ran it similarly, where everyone passed me their notecards when they had an idea completed. This time, I stopped the session at roughly 10 minutes in and read off all of the ideas I had collected. This allowed everyone to hear everyone's concepts and be inspired and build off of them once we continued brainstorming for another 10 minutes.

Idea Sort & Voting
Again, we did a silent sort of the ideas. The categories that emerged this time were "footwear," "things on wheels," "things on skis," and "things that fly." Again, the group picked their favorite three ideas using post it notes as markers.

5 Ideas From Brainstorm 2

Idea 1- Moped-Mobile


Idea 2- Personal Helicopters


Idea 3- Invisible Shoe Covers


Idea 4- Snowtire Hamster Wheel


Idea 5- Adhesive Sandpaper



Great job on finding people from diverse backgrounds! I think you fulfilled that part of the assignment well. Your process is very thorough! What was the reasoning behind quietly passing ideas to the facilitator? If you do another brainstorming session, I would suggest each member to pitch their ideas so they could bounce off of each other. I am wondering what the IPMs were for the group? I think that could really let your audience know how successful your idea gathering was. Your images are very clear and easy to read!

Really great job on this blog. Your design layout is really organized and easy to read, Everything you say throughout is also really intriguing.
I think your theme for winter is a really good one and you had a lot of good brainstorming results to come from that. The ideas were practical and made me wish they were actual products.
You followed every step to the "t" and showed plenty of pictures in the process, and of course they are in the right format.
The only thing that seems to be missing is maybe one of the brainstorming ideas missing a sketch. Otherwise, great job on this assignment!

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