Structured Ideation

Existing Product

Snow Boots
hunting boots.jpg



Idea List

  • Sandpaper bottoms- more griping

  • Canvas covered rubber on the bottom for more traction

  • Similar inner soles to tennis shoes - more comfort for long-term wear

  • More foam-like sole for more comfort (less hard rubber)

  • Chargeable wheels, less personal energy used for travel

  • Chargeable for stored heat

Best Idea- Sandpaper Soles
Can I change its roughness/materials?
Adapt the texture of sandpaper/gripping properties of sand to increase boot traction.



Idea List

  • Shovel boots

  • Salt sprinkling boots

  • Tracks and skis like a snowmobile, remote controlled for movement

Best Idea- Salt Sprinkling Boots
Can I merge it with other objects?
Combine with snow plows and lay salt as you walk around.



Idea List

  • Make boots similar to polar bear paws- insulated fur-like lining, textured padded bottoms for comfort

  • Chunky metal texture for traction - like snow tire chains

  • Similar chemical properties to salt as a coating on soles- for melting ice

  • Contraption that shoots up your legs for balance when slipping - like ABS breaks

  • Electronic system that takes over control when its slippery - assesses ice conditions for your movement - autopilot system

Best Idea- Salt Soles
What ideas can I incorporate?
Incorporates the chemical structure of salt to melt ice as you walk.



Idea List

  • Make smaller, and multiply checkered pattern on soles for more traction

  • Make laces thicker to make them more durable

  • Make soles thicker and more shock absorbant

  • Increase the thickness of the flannel/fuzzy lining for more warmth

Best Idea- Thicker Soles
What can I make bigger or higher?
More shock absorbant and gets your feet higher out of thick snow covering.


Put to Other Use

Idea List

  • Too heavy and chunky for elderly people - make boots more streamlined for easy walking

  • Hard to lace up if you don't have full use of your hands - velcro? mechanism to lace them up for you? slip on? low top boots?

  • Can a similar format be used for dog shoes? Rubber traction, fleece warm lining
    Could a format similar to dog shoes be used for those with disabilities? More fabric-like structure, easy velcro on secure

Best Idea- Fabric Booties
How would people with different disabilities use it?
Make them easier to put on, and harder to slip off for the elderly.



Idea List

  • Bulk could be eliminated from the base to make boots more lightweight and easier to get around in

  • Laces and eyelets could be eliminated and replaced with velcro or elastic

  • They could be made out of all one material rather than two, all rubber or all canvas

  • The top half could be stretchable material to eliminate a closer entirely- make them slip on

Best Idea- Eliminate Material
What if I made it smaller?
Take away material from the sole to make them lighter and easier to move around in, still keeping traction and water proof qualities.



Idea List

  • Rubber on the inside and flannel on the outside

  • Rubber eyelets and a metal sole

  • Rubber closure and a metal toe

Best Idea- Rubber Closure/Metal Toe
Can I interchange components?
Stretchy closure to eliminate the need for laces, and a reinforced steel toe.


Table-Based Idea Generation

HIT Matrix
I created a HIT Matrix to cross components of snow boots with components of a television.


Idea 1- Button for Auto-Lace Up
Power Button/Laces
Automatic locking system, similar to a deadbolt on a door, that go across the tongue of the boots.


Idea 2- LCD Reflector Panels
LCD Screen/Canvas Top
Light up panels for safety at night.


Silly Ideas into Real Ideas

I went through my last few blog posts and picked out the ideas that I had selected, but likely weren't feasible as real products. I re-imagined a few of them to be more realistic.

Idea 1 - Water Soled Boots
This idea came from the water bed boots idea from my brainstorm session last week. Rather than have a water bed, these boots would have a gel-like insole, similar to a gel ice pack. This would add extra comfort and support.


Idea 2- Boot Shovel
This is a re-imagined boot plow. This boot would have a retractable blade that would convert the front of the boot toe into an ice pick/small shovel. This would be remote controlled.


10 Feasible Product Concepts

Idea 1- Moped-Mobile
Moped and snowmobile in one, for travel around campus


Idea 2- Adhesive Sandpaper Soles
Added traction to any shoes


Idea 3- FlakePhoto Camera
Take pictures of snowflakes and digitize the pattern


Idea 4- Snowshoes To Go
Snap on snoeshoes to any pair of shoes to walk in the snow


Idea 5- Mitten Mobile Screens
Bluetooth linked mitten screen for your smartphone. Nose useable, rather than your mitten-clad fingers.


Idea 6- Fabric Booties
See Above


Idea 7- Eliminate Material
See Above


Idea 8- LCD Reflector Panels
See Above


Idea 9- Boot Shovel
See Above


Idea 10- Rubber Closure
See Above



It's great that you not only stated each SCAMPER idea, but you explained the questions that led to the idea and other ideas you came up with for each letter as well. I like the snowflake idea, though I'm not sure how that relates to boots. The auto lace up boots are probably my favorite idea, but I can see how that wouldn't be feasible enough to make your Top 10. The LCD reflector panels would be great too. The sandpaper shoes could cause noise problems when walking indoors, especially on tile. What if there was a way to convert the bottom of your shoe for indoor and outdoors?

Your blog is very organized and thorough. Your sketches all look good and clean, though the edges could be cropped off of the salt sprinkling boots.
Overall you did a really nice job!

Kathy, winter foot ware is a timely topic.

The Salt Soles idea is intriguing. It would might traction because of the grit in the salt. I wonder if the hard sole would make it more difficult to walk on icy surfaces, though. It is worth investigating.

The Snowshoes to go would be useful on campus. Though we don't have the deep snow (usually) because maintenance clears the sidewalks, sometimes the ice is thick and hills are steep. The extra surface area would be welcome in those cases, like the hill on the south side of McNeal Hall.

The LCD Reflector Panels should be part of boots, as safety equipment. It is difficult seeing pedestrians at night while driving in the snow. The extra light, or color LCD, would help them appear against the white and black winter environment.

The Boot Shovel would be good, even if it was just an attachment. Sometimes ice is hard to clear when shoveling and a kick can loosen, or a strike from the blade of the shovel. I could see attaching a toe-blade to help while clearing driveways and sidewalks.

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